05192016-American Kestrel

Location of Rescue: 
Wabash County
Admission Date: 
Cause of Admission: 
Fell out of nest into manure pit.
UPDATE: 04June 05192016-AMKE. The sores on this little guy's legs and feet have finally healed. He has joined other orphaned kestrels in a flight pen. He is enjoying the extra freedom!

A kestrel was delivered to my house after being found out of its nest at a nearby hog farm in Wabash County. Even though the adult American kestrel was present, the farm hands were unable to return the young bird to its nest due to the nest being located high in a silo with an old, rickety ladder as their only means.  The young kestrel was feisty, calling, and biting. It was unable to use its feet as a defense because of the packed and dried hog manure attached to its toes.

After arriving at Dr. Pat's and the initial exam, the bird was given a bath to remove the manure that was not only compacted on its feet but throughout its body and under its wings as well.

There were some sores on both foot pads and around the knee (?) area of its legs.

We're hopeful for a full recovery and future release.

Update 5/19/2016
On presentation, the immature kestrel was covered in pig manure...and obviously smelled really bad!  There was so much manure on her feet she could not even dig her talons into us as she tried to. She was not too happy with her bath; you can see her biting the handler as she is getting her bath!  But she was much more content as she was finally warm, dry, and fuzzier.  
As soon as she is tearing food on her own, she will be put with other kestrels.


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