05172017 Eastern Screech Owl (*)

Location of Rescue: 
Admission Date: 
Cause of Admission: 
nestling unable to return to nest on its own

Baby Screech Owl Returned to Nest with Help from Marion Firemen.

This morning, Mykala Kinnunen found a little fuzzball under a tree in her yard. Upon investigation she found a baby owl covered in down. She made contact with Soarin' Hawk, put the owl in a box under the tree, weighted the box down with bricks, and left it in the care of her father, David.

Bob, Soarin' Hawk's rescue phone operator, gave me a call. We were in high hopes of returning the young owl back to its nest location.

On the way to pick up the owl, I made a quick stop at Marion Fire Station #6 to see if they'd be willing to help, if needed.

I walked into the station where four firefighters were seated. After a short overview, I asked, "You save kittens stuck in trees, right?" They nodded in agreement. "How would you feel about saving an owl?"

Arrangements were made that I'd contact them if I could locate the nest cavity, and Captain Bill Williams would secure approval from his superior, just in case.

Moments after arriving at the owl location, an adult screech owl was seen perched at the tree cavity entrance - between 25 - 30 feet above ground - keeping an eye on its youngster being held captive in the box below.

After the call was made to the station, the ladder truck arrived. Once the ladder was positioned, Private Jason Ingram began his climb to the tree cavity with the young owl in tow. The adult flew off to a nearby tree and Ingram was able to place the youngster back in the tree cavity, where another adult and baby awaited its return.

Many thanks to Marion's firemen at station #6. Private Jason Ingram,  Captain Bill Williams. Their dedication as public servants is greatly appreciated. The owls appreciate you, too.

~ Lynnanne Fager


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