05022020-Barred Owl-1

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LaGrange, IN
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Cause of Admission: 
UPDATE: 08/26/2020 This owl was successfully released back where it was picked up

Today Lana received a call from a relative, saying she had a friend with a baby owl that had been orphaned. After collecting the address Lana contacted Lynn, and we drove to W 350 N. Lagrange, IN. Upon our arrival we spoke with Linda, the property owner. She told us she watches the owls and keeps track of them. The baby Barred Owl had been on the ground for two days and had not moved a distance of two feet. Linda has not seen an adult owl for at least two days. When I approached the baby I was met with beak snapping and it appeared aware of it’s surroundings. I thought the keel was average, Lana thought it was narrow. We collected the owl and transported it to our I.C.U. where it was examined by Dianne and Nancy. We could not find injuries, the eyes appeared cloudy blueish. After the bird was weighed I was able to feed it two mice, cut into small portions. Sub-Q fluids were given and the owl picked up by Barb. Intake card completed and photos/video attached.

05/04/2020 This is an orphaned barred owl. It is healthy and will stay with an adult education barred owl we have in our facility. Once it has reached maturity it will be released

05/06/2020 This owlet is being taken care of by one of our volunteers and one of our adult education birds. It is eating well 

06/06/2020 This owlet is growing up. It has been moved to our rehabilitation facility with the adult owl it had been with earlier. When it is old enough it will be evaluated for release

07/19/2020 This owl's status remains the same

08/03/2020 This owl's status remains the same

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It's important to rescue, rehab, and share these birds with the community, and we thank our donors and volunteers for making it possible.
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