04282020-Barred Owl-4

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UPDATE: 04292020 Went back to Marion as a baby had fallen out and the caller had not seen the parents. When we arrived we found only two in the nest, one was dead. Suz, built back up the opening so there was less chance of it falling out. We knew the parents had been there because there were two partially eaten small fish that the caller said they did not put in there. We put the remaining guy back in the nest and hope for the best. Prayers for this little guy to make it and prayers for all out birds. Suz Hansen and Bill Oberg

Lynne called and asked if we could go to Marion to rescue 4 baby Barred Owls whose tree house had been cut down.  Why of course.  


We arrived to find that the folks were having the area cleared of some trees and that they discovered a nest in one of the trees.  One of the babies died.  We picked the others up and took them to Pine Valley.


These were some of the nicest folks we have met on our multitude of rescues.  Babies were in a basket, with the bedding from inside their nest in the tree.  Great folks.


As always we pray that these guys make it.  Thoughts and prayers for all our birds.


Susan Hansen and Bill Oberg

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It's important to rescue, rehab, and share these birds with the community, and we thank our donors and volunteers for making it possible.
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