04232016 Eastern Screech Owl

Location of Rescue: 
Auburn, IN
Admission Date: 
Cause of Admission: 
apparently mom and baby got separated
UPDATE: Oct 2016 04232016-ESO I was able to release a screech owl that we received as a baby in April. It has a great new home outside of Auburn with farm fields all around, coniferous trees, deciduous trees, and a barn that is full of mice. The family was very happy to be able to see the release!

Soarin' Hawk received a call on April 23, 2016 about a possible hurt owl. Upon arrival, we located a little screech owl on the front porch in a wicker chair. I picked up the owl to make sure it was ok and noticed it was a baby. He(she) seemed to have no injuries. A young man named Landon discovered the owl when he came home from baseball practice. He told his mom who went to the Auburn Police Department and was given our information. Mom called out rescue phone and a rescue was initiated. Landon, along with his mom and sister, nicknamed the baby "POTTER"! Potter was transported to Dr. Funnell and she took over care. THANKS LANDON for noticing and caring enough to call us.

This eastern screech owl baby is doing great. Very feisty and eating pinky mice on his own. He graduates to full size mice-bits this weekend.



Update May 4 2016.

He is eating well on his own. We are in the process of building a hack box for baby screech owls.  It is a large cage/small flight pen that is set in an area where they can be eventually released right from the pen.  They will be put in it soon so they consider it their home.  Then once they are flying well, the door to the pen is opened and they are free to come and go.  Food will be continued to be provided, much like a mother owl would do for them, until they no longer return.  In this way they will learn to hunt but will have food provided as a back up until they are doing well on their own.


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