04142020-Red Tail Hawk-1

Location of Rescue: 
Fort Wayne,IN
Admission Date: 
Cause of Admission: 
Caught in a fence
UPDATE: 04/16/2020 This very strong adult red tail hawk was released back to the area it was found

Lynne callled me  around 5:30 pm on 4- 14-20, to pick up a bird at a northern fort wayne address.  She said that a red tail hawk was caught up in some fencing at the home. 

 Upon arriving at the home,  I spoke with the gentleman who called ; he said they had been watching the birds and the hawk got stuck in the fencing in an attempt to catch a squirrel.

 It took about 30 minutes to get one wing and 2 legs unwound from the fencing as his talons had gotten crisscrossed. 

  I took him to ICU where Diana did an assessment.  The bird was found to be  probably 3 years old judging from his tail feather color. Very alert and grouchy; has a good weight  and a healthy keel. 

He will be observed and  xrayed by the veterinarian staff


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