04152019 Red-tailed Hawk - 1

Location of Rescue: 
Northern Indiana
Admission Date: 
Cause of Admission: 
Car strike, ruptured crop
UPDATE: This beautiful bird came to us with a ruptured crop, and missing most of his tail feathers, probably from a car strike. His crop has healed, and he has started creance training. (In creance flying, a bird is tethered to one of our trainers, and given progressively more line as he gets stronger and can fly farther. Tethering keeps birds safe, and allows them to gain flight strength, while assuring that they can be retrieved as they train.) There is some concern that he may be blind in his right eye, which would make him non-releasable.

This juvenile red-tailed hawk was brought in to our Immediate Care Unit on the evening of 4/15/19 by a conservation officer.  It was assumed that he had suffered a car strike due to injuries sustained.  The bird had a ruptured crop, some blood in mouth, and only 2 out of the 12 normal tail feathers were present.  He was thin and quite lethargic, and his right eye was swollen shut.  The bird was treated that evening and bandaged.  It was taken to the veterinarian on 4/16/19 for a complete examination and surgery on the crop.  No broken bones were found and after surgery he was returned to the immediate care facility where it is continuing rehab and recovery.

This hawk is still in our treatment facility but is healing nicely from surgery on its crop.  He was having to be force fed because he was not eating on his own.  He finally started eating on his own today.  He is receiving treatment for an eye injury.

This hawk is eating on his own, though he was discovered to have a parasitic infection.  He has been treated for that and is improving.

This bird has been moved to our rehabilitation unit.  He will have more room to fly but until he molts and gets in new tail feathers.  We will have to wait to start flying him outside tethered to a line.

This beautiful bird's crop has healed, and we are waiting for his tail feathers to return before he begins creance training.

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