04082019 Eastern Screech Owl - 1

Location of Rescue: 
Churubusco, IN
Admission Date: 
Cause of Admission: 
Internal broken egg, eye injury
UPDATE: 08/16/2019 This owl has been transferred to its permanent home at the Toledo Zoo in Toledo, OH

Our rescue line was contacted about an owl found in Churubusco, Indiana. This screech came to us with internal injuries and an eye injury.  It was discovered that she had a brood patch, which means that she was preparing her body to incubate her eggs.  She was examined and x-rayed by our veterinarian.  She was discovered to have an internal broken egg, which the veterinarian removed.

She was taken to our treatment facility and given medication for pain and infection.  She was given fluids to hydrate her.

She is in guarded condition because of the internal injuries.

04/13/19 This female is receiving treatment for an injured eye and pain medication because of the injuries to her right wing and left leg. She continues to be in guarded condition

04/20/19 This owl is still receiving treatment for her vision issues. Physical therapy was started on her injured right leg. She has not been putting any pressure on that leg and she has not been opening and closing her talons.

05/05/19 this owl is still receiving treatment for her eye injury. She is also continuing with her physical therapy. There is some improvement with her ability to put pressure on her right leg

05/11/19 Sadly it has been determined that this owl's vision problem will not improve. She is no longer in need of any medication. She has had jesses put on  her and we have to started working with her to become comfortable getting on our volunteers glove. She will need to be placed in another facility

05/17/19 This owl is still in our treatment facility for observation. She is eating well and appears healthy except for her eye injury

06/06/2019 This owl is still doing well . We are waiting for a volunteer to become available that can work with her

06/22/19 This owl has been moved back to our treatment facility. A permanent home has been found for it. As soon as the required paperwork is complete , it will be transferred

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