04052021-Short Eared Owl-1-X

Location of Rescue: 
LaGrange, IN
Admission Date: 
Cause of Admission: 
Caught in barbed wire fence
UPDATE: 04/06/21 After examination by our veterinarian , it was determined that the extent of damage to this birds wing would be non repairable. The decision was made to humanely euthanize this bird

The rescue line received a call from a farmer about an owl stuck in a barbed wire fence on his property in Lagrange, IN. The caller said both wings were caught in the wire. One wing looked fairly ok; the other looked bad. Volunteer Ross Eagleson freed the bird and brought him to ICU, where he was determined to be a short-eared owl.

How You Can Help

It's important to rescue, rehab, and share these birds with the community, and we thank our donors and volunteers for making it possible.