04012021-Red Tailed Hawk-1-X

Location of Rescue: 
Muncie, IN
Admission Date: 
Cause of Admission: 
UPDATE: 04/02/21 Our initially examination was inconclusive. An xray was performed today and a severe break in the left femur was discovered. This is a difficult injury to repair. The decision was made to humanely euthanize this bird

Responded to a call to pick up an injured Red tailed hawkl in Muncie. It had been on the ground for a day. Arrived to pick it up from a dog cage. Nothing appeared to be wrong with the bird at first glance. Gave the folks our brochures, explained how to look up the bird on our website and viewed the video they had taken. It appeared to just be hopping and not flying.


Returned back to ICU where the bird was triaged by Sue, Diana and Beau. Some possible eye injury and some resistence to pressure applied on the left leg.


As always we hope and pray these guys make it back to the wild. We are praying for you little guys.


Bill Oberg

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