03132018 Great Horned Owl

Location of Rescue: 
Steuben County, IN
Admission Date: 
Cause of Admission: 
Weakness, thinness
UPDATE: 02/26/2019 We finally found the perfect home for this beautiful owl. She is now living at Wild Hearts Zoological Society in Lewisburg, Ohio

On the afternoon of March 13th, 2018, a great horned owl was reported down at the 130.9 mile maker of the Indiana Toll Road I-80/90.  I met several toll road employees at the state highway Steuben County maintenance facility.  Diane transported me to the owl.  It was found sitting on the ground, facing away from us. I was able to pick up the owl with almost no resistance.  I was told the bird had been on the ground for about three days.  I could not find any obvious injuries.  The owl was taken to the maintenance facility for a closer exam. Keel was about a one, tail feathers felt loose, head tilted back, and pupils were wide open in the light.  Diane provided $20 for a donation.  Several Soarin' Hawk pamphlets were provided to the employees.  The owl was taken to my house for oral fluids and then transported to the ICU where I met vet tech Kat for a full exam. The donation was given to Kat.

Upon examination this bird had a significant left sided head tilt.  Blood in the mouth was found and this bird had flat flies and feather lice.  This bird was also emaciated with a keel score of 1.5/5.  A healthy bird should have a keel score of 2.5-3/5.  Vision was tested and this bird did not have sight in either eye.  Medication that was given was antibiotics, pain medication, antiparasitic, and fluids.  This bird will go into Pine Valley Veterinary Clinic for radiographs to check for fractures.

This bird hasn't improved much since starting medications. There is still no vision in either eye . We will give this bird more time to see if he can regain vision in his eyes.

This bird is finally starting to eat a little on his own!  Dr. Pat and Kat assessed this bird again today and found he has some vision at the top right side of his right eye.  His progress will continue to be monitored.  If he can eat on his own and perch we will begin training him as an education bird.

This bird has been doing well in ICU eating on his own about every other day that he is now out in the pens.  His progress will continue to be monitored to ensure he is eating on his own and navigating around his pen normally.  We are continuing with glove training and searching for his forever home!

 07/05/2108 - This beautiful guy has a new home!  He is being trained to be handled on the glove by one of our volunteers, Dick Buchanan before he moves to Brookgreen Gardens, South Carolina! Unfortunately this placement fell through.

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