Eastern Screech Owl
Adopted by the MacMillan family 2020
Location of Rescue: 
Laotto, IN
Admission Date: 
Cause of Admission: 
Wing injury, potential car strike
UPDATE: 06/06/2019 We are very excited we have received approval to keep this handsome owl as one of our education birds

Via volunteer Kim:

Rick A. and his wife were driving in Laotto, and saw a baby owl (turned out to be an eastern screech owl) on the side of the road.  Its wing looked injured so they turned around and came back.  The owl managed to make his way into the road so the wife directed traffic around the bird while her husband went to get a net.  They put the bird in a box, took it home and called DNR, who told them to call Soarin’ Hawk.  Even though the couple had some errands to run, the wife insisted that they take care of the bird first!

The screech owl appears to have blood in his left eye and more than likely a broken right wing.  He was given pain medication and an antibiotic for his injuries.  He will be taken in for x-rays and have more of an in-depth evaluation by Soarin’ Hawk’s veterinarian.

03/14/19 This owl does have a broken right wing and damage to his eye. It is receiving pain  medication and medication for its eye

03/23/19 This owl is still receiving treatment for it eye injury and medication for pain for its injured wing

03/29/19 After another evaluation by our veterinarian . it was determined that this bird is non releasable due to its eye injury and wing injury. Treatment will continue.

04/06/19 This guy is getting pretty feisty . He has escaped from his cage a number of times and he is eating well. He will eventually move to a volunteers home to be trained to be comfortable on the glove

04/13/19 This owl has been moved to a volunteer's home to be trained to get on a glove. This will allow him to be placed as an education bird at another facility


03092019 Eastern Screech Owl - 1


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