03042016 Great Horned Owl

Location of Rescue: 
Decatur, IN
Admission Date: 
Cause of Admission: 
Swimming in a pond, which is not a good thing.
UPDATE: Update 06/18/2016 Released today back in it's home territory.

Soarin' Hawk received a call from Josh Colwell in Decatur IN. He said he had found an owl swimming in his pond. He was able to get her to a close log. I asked him to keep an eye on it, so it would not hide before I could get there. I suggested putting a box or basket over it or picking it up and putting it in a box. He asked if it would hurt him. I told him to use heavy welding gloves and to grab around her wings avoiding the talons and beak. He caught the owl and had her in a bucket with sweatshirts around it to keep her warm and absorb the water on the owl.

Upon a quick field exam, we could see her eyes were both matted completely closed and were swollen. She was transported back to Dr. Funnell. Dr. Funnell was able to unmat her eyes and noticed the extreme swelling in the eye lids. She also found a toe that was damaged (possible tendon problem). She was given antibiotics, pain meds, and some special dinner for birds! More will be posted as her recovery is tracked.

THANKS AGAIN to Josh for taking the time to call us and help an injured raptor! 

Update 03/07/2016

03042016-GHOW He was very thin when he came in, so he has been tube fed a liquid carnivore diet.  Today he will be offered some meat.  His right eyelid remains very swollen.  It appears he does. It have much if any movement of either external eyelid.  He continues to be on oral antibiotics, antibiotics in his eyes and a pain reliever/ anti-inflammatory.  

Update 03/10/2016
03042016-GHOW He is eating very well and is very feisty!  He still has a long way to go to recover.  As you can see in his updated photograph. His right eyelid is still extremely swollen and has no movement in it.  His left euphemism has regained some movement.  His sight, fortunately, appears to be good.  He continues to get oral antibiotics, topical antibiotics in his eyes and an oral anti inflammatory and pain medicine.  Radiographs today revealed no fractures.

Update 03/21/2016
03042016-GHOW He is an excellent eater, which makes caring for him much easier!  He does have some movement in both outer eyelids, but still has a lot of swelling in the right eyelid.  He may also need surgery on his right eyelid.  He will be given much more time to heal.

Update 05/5/2016

After surgery to remove large chunks of purulent material (hard pus) from both eyelids, she has made a dramatic improvement!  He now is able to move both outer and inner eyelids well.  Her right eyelid, as you can see in the photograph, does not open completely.  But since they rely heavily on hearing to find their prey, she will still be able to hunt well in the wild.  

She is now in a flight pen and has begun creance training to regain her strength.  After 8 weeks of sitting in a small cage, it will take awhile for her to regain her strength.  Weather permitting, she will be flown every other day until she is in top physical shape and ready to be released!


Update 06/04/2016
03042016-GHOW. This huge female owl is currently being conditioned by creance flying.  She is doing well and hopefully will be released soon!  It took a long time for her wounds to heal and we will be glad to see her go back into the wild.  Most of the rehab birds are easy to work with, but she has always remained feisty!  It will be good to get her back into the wild to produce more feisty babies next year!

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