03022019 Eastern Screech Owl - 1

Location of Rescue: 
Henry County, IN
Admission Date: 
Cause of Admission: 
Eye injuries, possible leg injury
UPDATE: 08/16/19 This Owl has been transferred to its permanent home at the Toledo Zoo in Toledo, OH

This owl was found along the road in Henry County.at the intersection of SR 18 and I69

It was picked up by our volunteer and brought to our treatment center for its initial evaluation.

It has injuries to both eyes and a possible leg injury. It will have x-rays for confirmation and further examination by our veterinarian.

It was given medication for pain and eye drops. Subcutaneous fluids were given as a precaution but it appeared to have been eating well on its own.

03/08/2019. There a appears to be some vision in one eye. If no improvement in vision , it will have to be determined if he can be places as an education bird somewhere.
He is still receiving treatment for pain and an anti-inflammatory drop for his eyes

03/15/19This owl is still in our treatment facility. His vision appears to have gotten worse in both eyes. If he has no vision we can not place him in another facility. His condition is now guarded

03/22/19 This little guy is pretty feisty. It is still hard to tell if has any real vision. He does find his  food just not as much as we would like. We have been hand feeding him some of his food to make sure he is eating a sufficient amount of food

03/29/19 this owl is still in our treatment facility. We are optimistic that he has some vision. He will probably not be able to released but we should be able to find a facility interested in him

04/06/19 This owl is doing better at finding his food. He is recovering and becoming quite feisty

04/13/16 This owl is still in the treatment facility but he is eating well

04/20/19 This feisty guy is still in our treatment facility but no longer needs any medication. He is eating well and appears healthy except for his vision

05/05/19 This owl is doing well , he is eating on his own, he no longer needs any medication. He is still in our treatment facility and will eventually be worked with by a volunteer to be comfortable wearing jesses and handled by humans

05/11/19 This owl has been moved to a volunteer's home. She will be trained and eventually will be placed in another facility

06/22/19 This owl has moved back to our treatment facility. She is waiting for the completion of the needed paperwork for her transfer to her new home

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