02202021-Long Eared Owl-1-X

Location of Rescue: 
Admission Date: 
Cause of Admission: 
Broken wing
UPDATE: 03/18/21 Quite un-expectantly , this bird was found deceased this evening

Answered a call to pick up a small owl, that had been hit by a car and picked up on the side of a road. We arrived in Andrews, found the house and went in. The bird was in a laundry basket and when I went down to pick him up, noticed that it appeared to be either a long earred or short earred owl. He had blood in the left eye and damage to the left wing. We discussed the bird with the callers, gave them our information and told them how to  check on the bird going forward.


Suz and I returned to ICU, where she and Diana did the triage. He had an open fracture of trhe radius and ulna. He’s been seen by our vet and had X-rays. He is going in for surgery on Wednesday to repair the breaks. As always we hope and pray that these little guys get better soon and can return to the wild. Our thoughts and prayers are with you little guy as you go to surgery.


Suz Hansen and Bill Oberg

02/22/2021 We are treating this owl eye for pain and also pain medication and an antibiotic for the broken ulna and radius. We will monitor

02/25/21 We had this owl's radius and ulna pinned. We continue treatment for pain and an antibiotic. It's eye is improving. It is not eating on its own so we have been hand feeding it

03/15/21 This owl still is not eating on its own. We are hand feeding it. It is about due to have one or both of its pins pulled. Hopefully this will make this bird more comfortable and interested in eating on its own

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