02192016 Red-tailed Hawk

Red-tailed Hawk
Location of Rescue: 
City of Fort Wayne
Admission Date: 
Cause of Admission: 
Uncertain at this time.
UPDATE: Update 03/12/2016 RELEASED !!!


Thanks to the Fort Wayne Police Department and the Fort Wayne Animal Care and Control for rescuing this bird! The hawk was picked up at 4 am by the Police and given to Animal Control this morning with no history of what happened to this bird.

Upon exam, the Red Tail Hawk is alert and responsive. He possibly has vision deficits.  He does not want to stand although he has good movement in his legs. Radiographs did not reveal any fractures.  

Wild animals are often difficult to determine what is an actual problem and what is their response to fear.  Often a young Red Tail's defense mechanism is to lie there like they cannot move.  But this Red Tail is at least two years old; they initially have a brown tail that is replace by red tail feathers at two years of age. This hawk may have been hit by a car or run into a window and caused some soft tissue injury that makes him not want to stand.

He is recovering quickly!  He is now on a large flight pen with two more red tails.  He will be reevaluated by our veterinarian at the end of the week. 

Update 03/01/2016
02192016-rtha. He was creance flown on Saturday and flew perfectly!  He will be released soon!

Update 3/03/2016
02192016-RTHA. This guy is ready to be released! We will release him in the next couple days when the weather breaks.



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