02162021-Red Tailed Hawk-1

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Warsaw, IN
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Cause of Admission: 
UPDATE: 04/09/215 adults and 3 kids present $50 donation Bird released within 1/2 mile of where found in open field. Flew beautifully to a tree in the callers back yard. Then flew around on the wind currents over a heavily wooded area. Warsaw See attached video and stills of release

Responded to a message for a hawk that would not fly in Warsaw. While driving thru Pierceton, it started to snow. As I arrived at the callers house, it was snowing quite heavily. Super nice folks that had the Redtail in a large plastic container nestled in a rug and a large towel. When I went to move him from their container to mine, the lady objected and said she’d rather not have him disturbed. I indicated that it would not be a problem and as I looked at her expression, she seemed much more comfortable in their box. I said that would not be a problem and that they could have the box back eventually if they wanted to come pick it up sometime. She indicated that they did not want it back.


They explained to me that the bird had been flying around in the past few days but this day it was sitting on a deer carcass and had not moved for several hours. They went out to see and were able to just pick the bird up. They tried several times to get it to fly but it would not. They called us then. They were given our brochures and told how to check up online on their bird. Super nice folks. She was in tears as I was leaving.


Took the bird to ICU where Diana triaged it. No apparent injuries other than bruising/scarring on its feet. So far it has been doing well. We hope and pray that these guys get rehabilitated and return to nature. Our thoughs and prayers are with you little guy.


Bill Oberg

02/19/21 This bird is very thin and anemic. Xrays will be taken on Monday to determine the cause of swelling in its talons. It is being treated for pain and infection. It has begun eating on its own

02/28/21 This hawk is not able to eat on its own and is slowly recovering. The issue with its talons has not completely resolved. We are continuing to treat it for possible infection

03/15/21 This hawk has a great appetite now but the infection in its talon's still has not resolved. We have changed antibiotics and our veterinarian will try to drain the wound 

03/28/21 We are continuing treatment with an antibiotic . There appears to be improvement

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It's important to rescue, rehab, and share these birds with the community, and we thank our donors and volunteers for making it possible.
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