02102016 Red-tailed Hawk, Erica

Red-tailed Hawk
Admission Date: 

Fort Wayne Animal Care and Control received a phone call from a concerned citizen about a hawk.  Apparently two hawks had been fighting and this one lost.  The citizen thought the bird was dead and called FWACC to pick it up.  Upon arrival, Erica, the Animal Contol Officer, found out that the bird was in fact, not dead, but badly injured.  Dot Brandenberger, a volunteer at FWACC, rushed the Red Tail Hawk to our veterinarian.  The bird was recumbent, part of the skin and all of the feathers were missing from the top of its head, and it was blind in one eye.  It was immediately treated with antibiotics, pain medicine, and steroids for shock.

The bird's name is Erica, after the Animal Control Officer who picked it up.

Update  2/12/2016
The bird is perching and is angry!  He is still blind in one eye. He has not begun to eat on his own, which is not unusual. He is being kept indoors in a small confinement cage. 

Update 2/14/2016
RTH  02102016-RTHA: Erica is still not eating on her own.  She is feisty and alert but not wanting to eat without being force fed.  She is still on oral antibiotics, topical antibiotics in her lift eye (she is still blind in her left eye) and topical antibiotics on the top of her head. 

Update 2/17206
Still not eating on his own, but the scar on his head is healing and his eyes are looking much better.
We think he is starting to see out of his left eye.
Very feisty.

Update 02/21/2016
02102016-Rth.  Unfortunately, this guy is still not eating on his own.  With the two days of very mild weather we even tried putt on him in an outside flight pen, but he still would not eat on his own.  He will be taken back inside.  
Pray he decides to eat on his own soon!

Update 02/24/2016
02102016-rtha. He finally began eating on his own!  He is an a larger flight pen with other red tail hawks.  He still has not regained the vision in one eye, so we will continue to monitor his sight.

Update 03/01/2016
02102016-rtha good news...he can see well!  Now we will wait as the skin on the top of his head heals.

Update 3/03/2016
02102016-RTHA. He is enjoying his larger flight pen as we continue to wait for the top of his head to heal.

Update 05/28/2016

Erica was released Saturday May 28 at the Eel River Cemetery to commemorate the passing of Larry Cochren, an original founder of Soarin’ Hawk.
The afternoon was sunny with a fair wind from the south blowing across the open graveyard.

Erica was a little unhappy about being removed from her carrier and immediately took flight. Encountering the strong cross winds she flew low (believing she was towing a creance line) and landed about 150 yards away, settling behind a large headstone.

After “entertaining” a few disturbed robins, she ascended to the top of the headstone and looked back at us, maybe saying “Thanks!” or “Audios!”.


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It's important to rescue, rehab, and share these birds with the community, and we thank our donors and volunteers for making it possible.