02062017 Great Horned Owl

Location of Rescue: 
Dekalb County
Admission Date: 
Cause of Admission: 
probably hit by a car
UPDATE: Released on March 20 , 2017

Call came in on 2.6.17 from Eva Schwartz and her husband from Dekalb County.  They found a great horned owl dazed on the side of the road with an injury to his right eye.  It appeared to be a torn iris.  They assumed the bird had recently been struck by a car.  

Upon inspection, Dr. Funnel determined the eye injury was old.  He had a healthy keel and X-rays showed no fractures.  Soarin' Hawk held the bird for observation for roughly one month and he proved to be a healthy eater and hunting on his own.  

Found on the side of the road in Dekalb County, this Great Horn Owl was probably hit by a car.

initial evaluation by our avian veterinarian: This beautiful owl had an old injury in his right eye: his iris is torn and he appears to have poor if any vision in that eye.  He was very subdued.  Radiographs revealed no fractures.  Hopefully he just has mild head trauma and will recover soon.  Since he was obviously hunting well even with the bad eye, he will be released if he fully recovers.


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