01292016 Eastern Screech Owl

Eastern Screech Owl
Location of Rescue: 
Allen County
Admission Date: 
UPDATE: Update 03/01/2016 01292016-easo 1 was released into a wooded area on CR 800 east of Laud. He/she recognized the spot and flew about 30 feet along tree line then through a gap in the pine trees and up to a perch in the woods.

So after a day of 3 rescue calls and none of the 3 were actually rescued, we got a 4th call at 7pm from a concerned "friend of a friend"! She had been to her friends friends house and saw they had a little baby owl. Said they had gotten it from a tree and had it in their possession for over 48 hours. She gave me the address and a cell number for the person who had the baby owl! I phoned and left a message about rescuing the owl. A few minutes later after calling and getting advice from Dr. Pat, we call FWPD and got the number for a local DNR officer. He returned my call and verified with the "friend" all of the details. Less than 30 minutes later  Conservation Officer Levi Knach and Conservation Officer Jacob Rutilling called me back to let us know they were headed to the house. He would let me know what he found. He called a bit later and said he had the owl!!! A VERY SPECIAL THANKS TO CO Jacob and CO Levi for all of their help!! We met at a gas station and took the "Baby Owl", (aka a screech) to Dr. Pat!! After checking her out we found an injured wrist and a sore between the eyes! She will examine and Xray to check for other injuries! THANKS to a concerned friend we were able to get this little one the help she might need and hopefully get her back home soon!!!!!

On examination this screech owl had a scab on his left wrist and an area just above his eyes with no feathers.  He is awaiting radiographs in his wrist to see if there are any fractures.  The area on his head should heal well with just antibiotics.  As you can see in one of the photos, the area on his head could be easily missed as the other feathers cover the spot well!  Injuries on raptors are easy to miss with their thick down and feathers to hide the injuries.  

Update 1/31/2016
This screech owl is feeling good and feisty!  He has a great appetite which is great as many of them don't want to eat their first couple days of captivity.

Update 2/1/2016
The radiographs on this little Screech Owl shows fractures of the phalanges, which is like our finger.  Fortunately he should heal well and be released.  He will be on antibiotics and pain medicine for a week and in a confined area to limit movement.  He will get extensive flight time in a large own before he is released.

Update 2/7/2016
 The little Screech Owl is eating well and doing well in his small cage.  He will be resting for one more week in a small cage that allows him plenty of room to move around, but not enough room to fly.  The plan is to put him in a flight pen on Monday, February 15.  We hope the small bones in the end of his wing will heal well enough for him to be released.

Update 2/14/2016
Screech 01292016-ESOW  He will be put in a flight pen for the first time tomorrow. Hopefully his phalanges have healed such that he can again fly well enough to hunt. Wish him luck!

Update 2/17/2016
01292016-ESOW  has adapted to its new enclosure and was waiting for his breakfast mouse this morning.
He needs more flight time to build up his stamina.

Update 02/21/2016
This little guy is flying more frequently, keeping good altitude.
Flight speed and agility have improved.
Enjoys his mice.
He may need an xray to verify condition of wing.

Update 2/24/2016
He is in the flight pen and flying better. Seems to be less habituated. Has cached uneaten mice.  He will continue to fly and build up his strength before he is released.
Probably can be released early next week.


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