When you sponsor one of our raptors, we make every effort to rehabilitate them and return them to the wild. Your donations make this all possible. 

Sometimes however, raptors sustain injuries that prevent them from ever being released back into the wild. In cases like this Soarin' Hawk searches for just the right home for our beloved birds. The prospective placement centers undergo an intensive interview process during which we assess the suitability for the particular bird in question. After all, it has to be the best placement for the bird, or we can not authorize the transfer. If everything checks out, we proceed with the 'Raptor Placement'. 

We have had great success so far with these placements in the past. Further down the page we have shared the story of a few of the birds we have successfully placed in new homes. Read their inspiring stories below... 

We are happy to say that we have placed birds as far west as Utah, as far east as Virginia and as close as our own zoo, the Fort Wayne Children’s Zoo!

Eastern Screen Owl - red phase
Placed Bird
Eastern Screech Owl - grey phase
Placed Bird
Eastern Screech Owl
Placed Bird