Hannah Jones

Hannah Jones training with Jethro. When asked why she likes to volunteer at Soarin' Hawk: "I started volunteering at Soarin’ Hawk after I talked to some people at my university who worked here and they were in the wildlife program. I wanted an opportunity to be able to get up close with birds in Fort Wayne for sure because Indiana is really not well known for their wildlife. Soarin’ Hawk provides the opportunity to get hands-on experience with birds as well as be able to educate the public and outreach and show them how cool these birds are. Definitely, when we go to educational programs, I...Read more

Robby on cleanup duty

“ I volunteer because I have raised tropical birds and wanted a new challenge. It is great opportunity and a privilege to meet and be around these raptors and to help with their conservation”Read more

Sean performing daily housekeeping on one of our pens.

Sean performing daily housekeeping on one of our pens. When asked why he volunteers at Soarin Hawk: “I volunteer to get a deeper study of the birds, a connection really. It has been a unique experience and you can’t get any closer to them than here, that’s for sure”.Read more

Jill Devine

Jill weighing some leftovers “ I accidently hit an owl and Soarin’ Hawk came and rescued it. I fell in love after that and just had to volunteer to do my part to help the raptors and I just love all the volunteers!”Read more

Ron Sides

Ron weighing food to be served to one of our raptors. When asked why he volunteers at Soarin Hawk: “I volunteer because I enjoy nature and I love to learn more about wildlife. It is rewarding to help these birds rehabilitate so they can survive in the wild”.Read more

Pam weighing Zeus, our educational Great Horned Owl

When asked why she volunteers at Soarin Hawk: “ Because I have always loved birds all of my life and this was an opportunity to get close to raptors and I love taking care of them and I just love being around them”.Read more


Eric, taking all of the food for the next day, to the refrigerator and warmer. Why do you like volunteering for Soarin Hawk: “I felt I had to give something back and I prefer animals over people”.Read more

Drew sorting through the different tubs of food that will be served to our raptors today!

When asked why he likes to volunteer at Soarin’ Hawk: “ I am actually here to get more experience in handling raptors. I grew up in a family where we bred birds for pets. I also work at the Children’s zoo making diets, so cutting up rats and mice like we do here for diets is something I am familiar with”.Read more

Don training with Cricket

When asked why he volunteers with Soarin Hawk: “ Well holding Cricket need I say more?! The birds are so precious and it’s just a gift to be around them and be able to help them and get them back to health and hopefully release them. Also to educate the kids and the adults about raptors and how they are important to the environment”.Read more

Deb Dickes

Deb is weighing up food for the next day When asked why she volunteers at Soarin Hawk: “ I started volunteering after retirement and this is so neat because you get to be up close and personal with some of the most beautiful birds in the world. I have never been able to be so close to peregrine falcons and eagles and it’s just a thrill”.Read more

Daniell Beck

Danielle Beck assisting and recording the weight for Ruby our educational Red Tail Hawk. When asked why she volunteers at Soarin Hawk: “ I originally volunteered to learn more about wildlife because I eventually may want to do that since I am now a vet tech but I do like the people here and I like seeing the birds and its just really fun”Read more

Anthony serving a meal to one of our many rehab raptors

When asked why you like to volunteer at Soarin Hawk: “ Well I've always rescued animals so I enjoy doing that and working with the birds is a nice vacation from the daily grind”Read more

Gigi Stewart

Gigi training with Ruby our educational Red Tail Hawk. When asked why she volunteers at Soarin Hawk: “It’s hard to describe, in words, ALL I get when I come here. I love the people that I work with, I love the birds and it is just a rewarding experience to be able to help these birds get back on their way to living in the wild”.Read more

Dick Buchanan

Dick is working with our flighted education bird Orion. When asked why he enjoys volunteering with Soarin' Hawk: "I enjoy these birds and like to watch them, with our help, rehabilitate themselves and return to the wild."Read more

Blair Emmons

This photo of Blair Emmons preparing meals for the raptors does not need words. Her expression says it all!Read more