Sticky Wings, a Rescue Story

Via Volunteer Gigi Stewart: About 5:30 Monday night, I received a call from Bob. He told me about a family who lives in Van Wert, OH, who found an owl near their house. The owl was not moving and seemed stuck in one spot, literally. I live in Ohio too, so the family was willing to put the owl in a box and meet me halfway. I wasn’t sure what kind of owl it was until we met. I looked in their pet carrier and there in the corner was a little Red Phase Eastern Screech Owl. He looked pathetic, so tiny in the big carrier. I put my gloves on and reached in to get the owl. He looked good, except his...Read more

Great Horned Owl Rescue #03192018

We received a call from a concerned citizen who observed an owl sitting along the side of highway I69 just north of the 305 mile marker. Before we arrived on scene, a couple of gentlemen from the Indiana Department of Transportation (INDOT) just happened to seethe owl as well. They stopped, picked it up, and took it to their facility which was nearby and called our rescue line. We met them and found that they had an adult Great Horned Owl in a box that was very quiet and with eyes closed. No obvious injuries were observed. We thanked them for their assistance and loaded the owl into our van...Read more

We Can't Save Them All, Unfortunately

This article contains graphic content in the form of an image of a snowy owl. If you wish not to view this image, please do not click to enlarge it. Unfortunately a beautiful Snowy Owl was found dead along a road in Allen County, Indiana. It was covered in lice. (The small dots all over her head in the photograph are all lice.) Typically large numbers of lice are only seen when an animal is debilitated. (A healthy bird will usually groom most of the lice off.) But this owl was a good weight and the feathers were in good shape. A necropsy revealed internal trauma, most likely from being hit by...Read more

Eastern Screech Owl #03132018

Story via volunteer Dean Rapp: On the way home from work on March 13th, 2018, I received a call from Bob about a downed owl in the Windswept subdivision in Northern Fort Wayne. The family had reported that the small owl had a wing injury and had been on the ground in their back yard the entire day. I arrived to find the owl, which turned out to be an adult Red Faced Screech, resting comfortably under a box that some kids had put over him to keep him from getting away or further injured. I noticed that his left wing looked disheveled and his left tuft over his ear was missing. Other than that...Read more

Great Horned Owl #03132018

On the afternoon of March 13th, 2018, A Great Horned Owl was reported down at the 130.9 mile maker of the Indiana Toll Road, I-80/90. Soarin' Hawk met several toll road employees at the state highway Steuben county maintenance facility. Diane transported us to the owl. It was found sitting on the ground, facing away from us. We was able to pick up the owl with almost no resistance. We were told the bird had been on the ground for about three days. Nothing could be found and there were no obvious injuries. The owl was taken to the maintenance facility for a closer exam. The bird's keel score...Read more

American Kestrel Rescue

This afternoon the Soarin' Hawk call taker sent Lana and Louie Lee to 1985 S. C.R. 200 E. Angola, Steuben county, IN. An adult female American Kestrel had been stuck under the eave of a garage. The left foot was trapped between the siding and the eave. Upon removing the kestrel they found the bone above the foot was broken and bleeding. They believed the bird had been there for several hours. The keel was a 3+. They gave the bird initial treatment and transported it to the Soarin' Hawk ICU facilities. Intake #03032018 AMKERead more


A Snowy owl? You bet! Snowy owls are rare around these parts. They live in the Arctic tundra and while some might migrate south in search of food, this winter season there has been an “irruption” of snowy owls so they have been seen more frequently in the state. Here is the link to a great article from the Audubon on this subject. This snowy owl was found by a concerned citizen in a plowed field in Grant County near Sweetser, IN. They contacted the local sheriff, who then contacted Conservation Officer, Corporal Kilgore. When he arrived on the scene and approached the owl, it started to hop...Read more
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Bald Eagle Rescue

On 2/25, Soarin' Hawk got a call from the sheriff's office that someone had called them about an eagle on the side of the road on Yohne Rd., close to Fox Island. The woman said he was lying down, but his head was moving. When we got there, he was lying down, but his head was also on the ground, and his eyes were closed. Fortunately, when we approached it, we were very relieved to see him lift his head. It took two people to pick him up and secure his talons and get him into the car. Since we did not have a carrier big enough for an eagle, we put a blanket over his eyes and carried him to the...Read more

Lagrange County Snowy Owl

This evening Soarin' Hawk was contacted to check the well being of a Snowy Owl in Lagrange county. People had been calling, concerned with the bird's health, and the possibility of not being able to migrate. Upon locating the owl we watched it for unusual behavior. The bird was rousing, preening and reacting to possible prey items in the area. It was about one hundred yards off the road and was not concerned with our presence. The bird will most likely migrate when it is ready; furthermore, the bird seemed to be in good health. There is nothing we can do for a healthy flying owl, it is nearly...Read more

No Fee If No Recovery? - A Cooper's Hawk 'Rescue' Story

We received a call from a concerned citizen about a downed hawk at the Subway restaurant in downtown Fort Wayne. Fort Wayne Animal Care and Control had also been contacted and were on the scene when I arrived. I greeted Officer Coe who had just placed a hawk, wrapped up like a burrito, in her van. When she arrived, the hawk was sitting on the curb at the intersection of Jefferson Blvd and South Clinton St. With that being a very busy intersection, she knew she had to act fast and was able to get a net over the hawk before it could fly or hop out into traffic. We transferred the hawk to my...Read more
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One bird, Two eyes, Three calls, Multiple volunteers

Three people called about a GHO that was seen on the side of the road at Hwy 18 and 5. He was then seen in a field. He was not flying, and had an injury to one eye. A caller on 2/16 had called about the same bird, but when a volunteer went to get it, they could not find it. On Saturday 2/17/19 Pam received a call from Brandi Sheets in Marion that, on Friday, her son had spotted a Great-horned Owl in a field on SR18. She investigated and noted that the owl had a damaged eye and was having trouble flying. She could find no help on Friday and finally on Saturday she contacted us. Pam asked if I...Read more

Fremont Fire Department, To The Rescue!

This evening the Soarin' Hawk call taker received a call from the Fremont Fire Department. A man had dropped off a grey phase eastern screech owl, saying it had hit the side of his car. The bird was examined and no obvious injuries were found. The keel was a 4. Wings, legs, feet, mouth and vent all appeared normal. Chad was the firefighter that called, he said the bird had improved since it was dropped off. "Probably had his bell rung," was how Chad described the owl. The screech owl is now in the ICU unit awaiting further assessment. Intake #02172018 EOSWRead more

The shopping Cooper's Hawk, a Rescue Story #02022018

On Friday, February 2, 2018 volunteer Ann Zepke was sent to rescue a hawk. I was told that the hawk was at the Target store on Stellhorn Road in Fort Wayne. It had been sitting on a shopping cart for three hours and had not moved in all that time. When I arrived at the store, I checked all the carts in the parking lot. Then I spotted the hawk perched on a long line of carts that were lined up across the front of the store. It was a small hawk and I identified it as a Cooper’s Hawk. As I moved closer, I could see that the left eye was injured. It was so matted, I couldn’t see the eye at all...Read more

Christmas Screech Owl

Soarin Hawk received a call to rescue a small owl that was down on the ground and could not fly and had a drooping wing. I arrived at the home in Northwest Allen County and was advised the homeowner had gone out to clear the snow and saw the Owl alongside the driveway. He picked the Owl up and placed it near a fir tree by the house. By the time I had arrived the Eastern Screech Owl had climbed the fir tree and was very well hidden. I gently removed the owl from the tree and did a brief exam. The left wing was drooping and could not be spread as the right one could. The owls talons were active...Read more

Amazing Vulture

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