Barred Owl Rescue #06102018

Story via Volunteer Lisa Yates : Hi everyone!! My name is “FRITZ” and I am a Barred Owl. I had a little accident I would like to tell you about. I live on Till Road in a very wooded area. Several of my family live around me as well. I went for a little grocery shopping on Sunday and unfortunately I went after a frog and this truck hit me as I went to grab the frog. WOW!! What a ride I took. I do not remember much except for the landing in the weeds. They were soft but very wet from the rain. Next thing I remember was waking up and hearing cars and trucks zooming by me on Fritz Road. I could...Read more

Red Tailed Hawk Rescue #06072018

Story via Volunteer Louie Lee : This morning the Soarin' Hawk call taker informed Lana and I of a juvenile hawk, being harassed by song birds and on the ground. Upon our arrival at 923 Cardinal Ct. in Auburn, we were taken to a juvenile Red-tailed Hawk in a spruce tree about two feet off the ground. The bird was aware of it's surroundings and appeared alert. After an observation period the hawk was captured easily. During the initial exam we found the keel to be very narrow (1). Possible fly eggs were noted in the mouth. No other health issues were discovered. The bird was taken to Dr. Funnel...Read more

Peregrine Falcon Chick Rescue #06082018 - Returned to The Roof

Story via Volunteer Mary Koher : We received a call early this afternoon from the folks at Indiana Michigan Power stating that they have, what they believe to be, one of the peregrine falcon chicks sitting on the hood of a car in their neighboring parking area. I arrived to indeed find the youngster sitting on the hood. I thought she was rather large and when I was able to get closer, sure enough it was the female, 66Y, Phoebe! She was very alert but quiet. I was able to slowly walk up and lower my net over her. I was then able to reach under the net to grab her legs at which time she...Read more
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A Slight Mix-Up - A Short Rescue Story

Story via Volunteer Pam Whitacre: On May 30th, 2018, Soarin' Hawk got a call about an owl in an airplane hangar at the Ft. Wayne airport. The caller said it could not fly, and they had it contained in a bathroom. I took my Kevlar gloves, expecting an owl, and when I opened the bathroom door, it was a Kestrel! We could hear birds chirping up in the rafters of the hangar, and we saw pellets on the floor, but could not determine where exactly the nest was, so we brought the young female to ICU. There was a little blood on her tongue, possibly from falling from the nest, but otherwise she was...Read more

Great Horned Owl Rescue #05302018

Story via Volunteer Pam Whitacre: On May 30th, 2018, Soarin' Hawk got a call about a Great Horned owl from a man who saw it on the ground outside of his office window on State Street in Ft. Wayne. When we got there, the owl was laying in some leaves, very well camouflaged! I picked him up, and could not see anything wrong with him, and thought he was a young owl that just fledged from the nest. I put him in a clearing away from the trees to see if he would fly. He hopped a few feet and flew about three feet off the ground and landed. I noticed that his right wing drooped a little when he flew...Read more

Red Tailed Hawk Rescue #05202018

Story via Volunteer Mary Koher: We received a call to the rescue line from a homeowner that was concerned about a red tail hawk on their property that appeared to be injured. They described that the left foot appeared to dangle and the left wing didn’t seem to function well. They observed the hawk throughout the day in different areas of their property. It’s as if it was purposely trying to get their attention as if to say “help me”. I arrived at their house around 7:30pm and was escorted to the wooded area at the rear of the property. They last saw the hawk setting on a brush pile. When we...Read more

Barred Owl Rescue #05072018

Story via Volunteer Mary Koher: We received a call to our rescue line from Animal Care and Control. They picked up an owl at the side of the road in northern Allen County. I arrived at their facility to find a barred owl resting quietly in a cage. I placed him in a rescue box, gathered some additional information from them and headed off to deliver the owl to Dr Funnell at the Pine Valley Veterinarian Clinic. When I got there she was in surgery with another owl so I did a quick examination that showed some blood on the cere and both feet had abrasions. The keel score was 2.5 to 3 and the...Read more

Great Horned Owl Rescue #05132018

Rescue story via Volunteer Beau Krafft: At 1:47 pm I received a call from the Soarin’ Hawk rescue hotline that a large bird was in the backyard of a residence, located west of Wallen Road in Allen County, Indiana. The bird appearing to be hurt. I called the gentleman who reported the injured bird and he thought it looked like the bird's wing was hurt. Approx. 2:20pm I arrived at the location of said bird. The GHOW was hopping from tree stump to fence then fence to tree stump. I did a brief visual assessment of him, his right wing was drooping and since he was hopping it appeared he had sore...Read more

Short Eared Owl Rescue - #04182018

Rescue story via Volunteer Mary Koher: We received a call from Conservation Officer Jacob Rutschilling from Adams County, IN stating that he had picked up an injured barred owl and could meet part way to deliver the owl to us. I met Jacob at the Wal-Mart on US 27 south of Fort Wayne. He brought the tote over to my vehicle and announced that he didn’t think it was a barred owl after all. When I lifted the lid it certainly was not a barred but a beautiful short eared owl. A concerned citizen had noticed the owl in a ditch next to a farm field and contacted the DNR office. Apparently it had been...Read more

Raptor Egg Rescue

Sometimes it’s difficult for humans and wildlife to coexist without causing inconvenience or harm to the other party. Such was the case for this red-tailed hawk nest that sat in the line of fire of a construction project in Muncie, IN. Luckily, the construction crew had the heart to call Soarin’ Hawk to help them relocate the nest, and was supervised by volunteer Pam who detailed the process: On Thursday, April 12, 2018, I got a call from the Indiana Michigan Power Co. in Muncie, IN regarding a nest that had to be taken down because of construction. They had an eighty foot pole with a nest on...Read more

Re-Nesting some Red-Tails, a "Rescue" Story

Story and Rescue via volunteers Pam and Wayne Whitacre: On Thursday, April twelfth, I got a call from the Indiana Michigan Power Co. in Muncie Ind. regarding a nest that had to be taken down because of construction. They had an eighty-foot pole with a nest on top with, what he told me, were osprey eggs. The crew there did not want to disturb or destroy the nest or eggs, and they wanted Soarin' Hawk to be involved in removing the eggs. After calls to Dr. Funnell to ask what the best procedure was to take the eggs, keep them warm, and take care of them; I got a call back telling me they were...Read more

Red Tailed Hawk Rescue #04082018

Story via volunteer Lisa Yates: I received a call from Pam about a red tail hawk and decided to do my 1st rescue in over a year. After driving to Poe to meet the caller, we walked down to a wooded area on her neighbor's property. She had watched the bird on the ground through out the day and noticed it not flying away. She contacted the county sheriffs office who gave her Soarin’ Hawk's number. It was dark when I arrived but the bird was quite visible from the glow of my flashlight. As I approached, the hawk went into defense mode and fell onto its back with the talons facing me. I was able...Read more

Red Tailed Hawk Rescue #03242018

On 3/24/2018 Soarin' Hawk received a call about a red-tailed hawk found by Bicentennial Park off Shoaff Rd. The woman who rescued this bird said she found him by the side of the road. He wouldn't fly and she thought he was acting abnormally. He was brought to ICU where he was examined by Kat. Kat found this bird to be deyhdrated, feather lice, a bruised right elbow. She didn't feel any broken bones. This bird received fluids, Ivermectin for the external parasites, and Meloxicam for any pain the bird may be feeling due to the bruised elbow. Update 3/26/2018: Dr. Pat took this red-tailed hawk...Read more

Barred Owl Rescue #03152018

On 3/15/2018 Soarin' Hawk received a call about a Barred Owl that was found hanging in a tree from a fishing line that was wrapped around its wing in Franke Park. The rescuers waded out into the river to cut him down from the tree and bring him to us. Upon further examination, Kat found severe brusing and swelling of the left wing. There were also three small punctures on the left wing. There was also blood found on the right foot. This barred received fluids, an antibiotic, and pain medication. Update 3/19/2018: Dr. Pat took this bird in for radiographs and there were no broken bones; but he...Read more

Red Tailed Hawk Rescue #03262018

Story via Volunteer Louie Lee : On Monday, March 26th, 2018 Bob Walton called telling me there was a hawk on the side of S.R.1 at the 196 Mile Marker, Hamilton, IN. A state highway crew had found the bird and after several phone calls found Soarin' Hawk. Upon my arrival the hawk made no attempt to escape, the left eye was closed and full of blood. The breast area appeared to be bruised. I transported the Red-Tailed Hawk to the Pine Valley Vet Clinic where it was examined by Dr. Funnel. Radiographs were taken. I then transported this hawk and another Red-tailed Hawk to the ICU. Intake Number...Read more