Owl Baby Season - 10plus with more coming in very day!

Owl Baby Season They are SO CUTE. An adorable ball of fluff with those BIG EYES. Unless of course, you are the unfortunate rodent or mammal that Mom or Dad Owl brings home for YOUR dinner. PLEASE do not pick up the baby owls if you find them on the ground. More than likely Mom & Dad are nearby, watching over junior. Most people don't know that bably owls are quite capable of walking back up the tree that their nest is in. So, it's best to leave them alone, and give everyone a lot of space. UPDATE we are getting calls to rescue baby owls who, while on the ground exploring, are being found...Read more

Title : First Rescue, First Blood

Title : First Rescue, First Blood Being his first rescue, Braeden Holle being a Soarin' Hawk volunteer, did not really know what to expect hearing previous stories. He thought he was going to rescue a Barred Owl, but instead it turned out to be a Great Horned Owl, too his surprise. The Owl appeared to be alright and alert, he used wire cutters to cut the net off from around the owl. The moment when everything was going as planned the owl wanted to say thank you and goodbye, and gave Braeden a nice laceration on the thumb, going right through his gloves and into his finger; Braeden was fine...Read more

Coopers Trapped on Porch, Rescued and Released

Pam from Soarin' Hawk Raptor Rehab in Fort Wayne came to our house to free a Cooper's hawk that found it's way in to our porch through a hole in our screen. He had apparently eaten a meal of a dove or some other similar bird. He acted injured and scared. We propped the door open, but he did not leave. Watch until the end and you will see he was just fine.Read more
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