Red Tailed Hawk Rescue #09082018

Story via Volunteer Kim Westfall : Homeowner noticed a soaked Redtail Hawk in the rain sitting in a ditch for most of the afternoon before calling the DNR. DNR contacted Jeremy Mason a State Trooper who is also a Falconer to come rescue the Redtail Hawk. Jeremy told me once he got there, the bird was across the street sitting on a fence. They approached the bird and it flew very low about 30 yards and landed in a cow pasture. He was able to throw a blanket over the bird, after a few attempts. Bird was very feisty and was trying to talon him. I met up with him and I did the initial exam. I was...Read more

Red Tailed Hawk Rescue #09042018

Story via Volunteer Mary Koher : Our rescue coordinator received a call today from one of our fellow volunteers down in Wabash County. That volunteer received a call from someone in the Salamonie office that had a report of a red tail hawk down on the ground in the vicinity of 150 South. Lynnanne arrived to find a juvenile red tail hawk down on the side of the road heading / hopping towards some tall weeds. She was able to get a sheet over the bird to contain it which enabled her to get a hold of it so that she could place it in her carrier for transport to Fort Wayne. I met up with Lynnanne...Read more

Eastern Screech Owl Rescue #09032018

Story via Volunteer Gary Harshberger : I responded to a call fro SHRR Dispatcher concerning and injured baby Owl in Van Buren Indiana. Upon arrival the property owners reported finding the young Screech Owl cling to the leg of a table in the yard. They said it was using the left wing in moving around but never lifted the right wing. Upon examining the bird in the field I found little movement (which Doctor Funnel says is common for the spices, they will play possum while being handled.) I also found no other injury, but the bird was somewhat protective of the right wing. The bird seemed...Read more

Cooper's Hawk Rescue #08312018

Update : This bird was not in our care for long and has since been released! Dr Funnell checked this guy out this morning and after a few days rest in our treatment and recovery unit it was determined that he was ready to go home. I drove him to a wooded area just down the street from the American Red Cross, where he was originally picked up, and opened the box and off he flew. We stayed and observed him for a bit as he hopped from branch to branch going higher and higher until he finally flew off. We hope that he is a bit more careful in the future and avoids windows! Story via Volunteer...Read more
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Red Tailed Hawk Rescue #08262018

Story via Volunteer Louie Lee : Mike Dobbs contacted us this afternoon saying John had a hawk on the ground at Wall Lake, in Lagrange county. I phoned John and was told the bird was now gone, possibly in a cornfield. I left my phone number and told him to contact me if the bird was found. John phoned back a short time later saying he had the bird. Upon our arrival John had the bird under a blanket, sitting on the tailgate of his truck. Examination of the hawk revealed the left ulna was broken and the wound infested with fly eggs, no maggots were found. Due to the hour, I transferred the bird...Read more

Red Tailed Hawk Rescue #08222018

Story via Volunteer Louie Lee : On August 22, 2018 Soarin' Hawk received a call on a Red-tailed Hawk that had been found in a yard, two miles north of the Lagrange town limits. Upon Lana's arrival the bird was contained under a plastic laundry basket. It made no attempt to escape or defend itself. When the hawk was examined a wound was found on the right thigh area, where the skin was missing and muscle was showing. The wound was infested with fly eggs and maggots. After the wound was cleaned and maggots removed, it was coated with honey and wrapped. Due to the late hour the hawk was placed...Read more

Turkey Vulture Rescue #08182018

Story via Volunteer Mary Koher : It certainly takes a village; as was evidenced by the team of individuals that it took to bring in this orphaned juvenile Turkey Vulture. Bob received a call from Linda Wilson, a rehabber. She had received a call from a homeowner who found the orphan in a very old barn on her property. Linda dispatched Tom and Shirley, who assist her from time to time, to see if they could meet up with the homeowner in Lagro, IN to assess the situation and retrieve the bird. They found a down covered juvenile turkey vulture in a corn crib on the ground beneath, what appeared...Read more

Red Tailed Hawk Rescue #08132018

Story via Volunteer Mary Koher: It was a busy Monday for the Soarin’ Hawk rescue line and Bob called to see if I was available to pick up a hawk. I arrived at the location and after talking with the homeowners they indicated that this hawk had been seen in various locations on their property since Saturday the 11 th . They thought it looked like it was having issues with the left leg. When we walked to the back of the house, there it was just sitting on their back porch. It was alert but quiet and I was able to easily get my rescue net over him. With the assistance of the homeowner were we...Read more
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Red Tailed Hawk Rescue #08052018

Story via Volunteer Mary Koher: I was out and about this afternoon when Bob called me asking if I could get another bird. This one was sitting against the barrier wall between the east and westbound traffic on the I69 / HWY 14 overpass; it was in the westbound lane. Knowing that area I was a bit concerned for my safety in trying to retrieve the bird as that is a very high traffic area and if it were still on the overpass there is really no safe place in which to pull over. I asked Bob if he could call the Fort Wayne police department to see if they could send an officer to assist with traffic...Read more

Great Horned Owl Rescue #08052018

Story via Volunteer Mary Koher: We received a call from a homeowner indicating that a large owl was down on the ground under a shade tree on her property. The owl had been there since approximately 11:00pm on August 4 th . This was in another county south of Fort Wayne so I gathered the necessary information and headed out for my 40 minute drive. I arrived to find a very lethargic, with eyes closed, Great Horned Owl who was sitting, but back on its haunches, under a tree which was very close to the road. I was able to approach it easily which told me something was wrong as Great Horn’s can be...Read more

Red Tailed Hawk Rescue #07292018

Story via Volunteer Mary Koher: I was out and about when I received a call from Bob stating that a lady had just picked up a hawk on Hillegas Road and he wondered if I could meet up with her. I met her in the parking lot of the Three Rivers Wesleyan Church which is just down the way from where she found the bird standing off to the side of the road. She indicated to me that she thought it was a juvenile as there was another hawk soaring in the air above screaming at her! She did not have any gloves and unfortunately was taloned while rescuing it. She didn’t have a box so she just put the bird...Read more

Red Tailed Hawk Rescue #07232018

Via Volunteer Mary Koher: Our rescue coordinator received a call early this afternoon from a lady stating that she observed a hawk on the ground on Ardmore Avenue in the southwest part of the city. There is a walking path that runs alongside the road and as she was walking on this path, she noticed a large hawk standing right next to a fire hydrant. She got to within 10 feet of it and it didn’t move and didn’t seem to be acting normally. I arrived on the scene approximately 20 minutes after receiving the call from Bob and sure enough, it was still standing next to the hydrant! I parked on a...Read more

Red Tailed Hawk Rescue #07192018

Via Volunteer Mary Koher: It has been a busy time for Fort Wayne Animal Care and Control in picking up raptors for us. We got a call today where they found this juvenile red tail hawk just standing in someone’s back yard in the northeast part of the city. I picked up the hawk from their facility and transported it to Dr. Funnell at our ICU. The eyes were reactive and the wings, legs and talons all appeared normal. It was very thin, however, so it must have been down on the ground for some time. It was given subcutaneous fluids and was tube fed carnivore care, which is a liquid food supplement...Read more

Cooper's Hawk Rescue #07182018

Via Volunteer Mary Koher: I received a call from the rescue coordinator stating that the Fort Wayne Animal Care and Control had picked up a hawk and had it at their facility. I arrived to find a juvenile Coopers hawk in a pet carrier. With their assistance, I was able to remove it and place it in a rescue box and then headed up north to deliver it to Dr. Funnell at the Pine Valley Veterinary Clinic. The bird was quiet but very alert. Coopers are never quiet so we knew something was wrong with it. It had a very good keel score so it hadn’t been down very long. Both eyes were reactive and the...Read more

Red Tailed Hawk Rescue #07172018

Via Volunteer Louie Lee: On July 17, 2018, Jeffe was driving home from a fishing trip with his children. Near the intersection of CR 425 W. and 50 N., they found an adult Red-tailed Hawk, feeding on road kill. The hawk refused to fly and its right wing appeared to droop. Jeffe easily contained the bird and took it home, where I met him. I could not find obvious injuries. The keel was thin probably a 1-2. It was alert and aware of its surroundings. I explained what we do to the five or six children that were very interested in our group, the oldest being about eight. I also identified a Flat...Read more