Releasing rehabilitated birds back in to the wild is an amazing experience! Adult birds are typically released back from the area from which they came. They know the hunting grounds well and may even have a mate waiting for them! Orphans can be released just about anywhere there is suitable habitat for them. 


#01142016 Red-tailed Hawk Released

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Screech Owl makes fast recovery and released to home territory.

Please go to for the complete story on the amazing teen that rescued this owl.Read more
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Red-shouldered Hawk released after 12month recovery

On January 3rd, one of our volunteers released this red shouldered hawk on 80 acres of land with three wetlands, one pond, and a swamp . Prairie grass will be a great hunting ground and the deciduous trees and coniferous trees will make a great roost. He will be able to hunt field mice, small birds, rabbits, and amphibians. She was able to observe him soaring and getting acquainted to his new home. While watching over an hour, she was lucky enough to see him get his first meal of a field mouse! This red-shouldered hawk had been in our care for over a year due to a presumed sickness from the...Read more
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Flying an Eagle

I have been a volunteer for the past 3½ years. During that time, we have had two Bald Eagles in rehab. Both were non-releasable. One went to Tracy Aviary in Salt Lake City, Utah and the other went to Dollywood in Tennessee. We had one rescue where the eagle was so severely damaged that it had to be euthanized. But, now we have “Lady Eagle” who is a releasable Bald Eagle in rehab and is ready for conditioning. I received a phone call from Barbara Hathaway asking if I wanted to “fly” an Eagle. At first I was a little hesitant because of the size of the bird and I didn’t know if I had the...Read more

Hawk Release, Nov 2015

There is no greater joy for us than releasing a now healthy and fully recovered bird back into the wild!Read more
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Hawk Release

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