Releasing rehabilitated birds back in to the wild is an amazing experience! Adult birds are typically released back from the area from which they came. They know the hunting grounds well and may even have a mate waiting for them! Orphans can be released just about anywhere there is suitable habitat for them. 


Great Horned Owl Release #05302018

This beautiful baby Great Horned Owl, whoo isn’t a baby anymore has met all of its milestones and was released today (11/15/2018) in Metea County Park. Intake Number : #05302018GHOWRead more
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Immature Bald Eagle Release

This immature eagle was successfully released in front of an estimated crowd of between 500 - 800 people. It was a beautiful day and a great tribute to our Veterans’ on this Veteran’s day! Fly free lady eagle, fly free! Pictures provided by Mark Penrod, a generous by-stander! Intake Number: #08172016BAEARead more
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FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WPTA21) newscast

FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WPTA21) – An end in the road to recovery, for an injured eagle cared by Soarin’ Hawk Raptor Rehabilitation for two years. WPTA-21 television coverage The non-profit plans to celebrate one of their most challenging cases by letting a young bald eagle fly free once again. In 2016, Indiana Conservation Officer Corporal Josh Kilgore and Soarin’ Hawk volunteer Lynnanne Dennison-Fager found a six-month-old eagle at a high school in Grant County. The bird had a broken leg and mites chewed through the eagle’s feathers so severely, vets were forced to replace her flight feathers with...Read more

Red-Tailed Hawk Release #07232018

Story via Barb Hathaway : Good Samaritans and Angels do exist! One very lucky Red Tailed Hawk, who shall remain nameless, knows that for certain.... On Monday, July 23rd, a kind person came upon a Red Tailed Hawk by the side of the road right here in Fort Wayne. The bird made no attempt to flee, a red flag that something was terribly wrong. After a few phone calls the rescuer was told to contact Soarin' Hawk Raptor Rehab. Upon initial examination of this bird, Dr. Funnell found blood coming from the left ear, a wound over the right eye where flies had already deposited their eggs that turned...Read more
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Red-Tailed Hawk Release #08052018

Via Volunteer Mary Koher : This red tail has made a full recovery and thus completed his journey with Soarin Hawk. It was an honor for me to rescue him, watch him recover over these many weeks, and finally be witness to his release on October 12 th in memory of Paul (Tony) A. Briner.Read more
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Barred Owl Release #05072018

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Bald Eagle Release #02252018

On a beautiful sunny day at Eagle Marsh in front of an enthusiastic crowd of well-wishers, this eagle soared out of his crate after spending 110 days with us. As you can tell from the video he was more than ready and happy to be back at home!Read more
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Bald Eagle To Be Released Thursday - WFFT

ALLEN COUNTY, Ind. (WFFT)- A Bald Eagle found in February with a broken wing was rehabilitated and is set to be released into the wild Thursday afternoon. Click here to read the full article and view the video.Read more

PHOEBE's Last Day - #06082018

It is with a heavy heart that we announce that Phoebe, 66Y, born this year and banded on May 22 nd has passed away. She was found on the sidewalk by the parking garage on Calhoun St close to Jefferson Blvd. on Saturday, June 9 th at approximately 7:30 p.m. A concerned citizen found her and called Fort Wayne Animal Care and Control who in turn reached out to Soarin’ Hawk. Phoebe came in to our facility on Friday June 8 th as she was found sitting on the roof of a car on the east side of the Indiana Michigan Power Building. At that time she was very alert and she was immediately seen by Dr...Read more

Red-Tailed Hawk Release #03242018

On March 24, 2018, Soarin Hawk received a call about red-tailed hawk found by Bicentennial Park off Schoaff Road. The woman who rescued this bird said she found him by the side of the road, he wouldn't fly and she thought he was acting abnormally. He was brought to ICU where he was examined by Kat. Kat found this bird to be dehydrated with feather lice and a bruised right elbow, and she didn't feel any broken bones. This bird received fluids, ivermectin for the external parasites, and meloxicam for any pain the bird may be feeling due to the bruised elbow. Upon weeks of rehabilitation, the...Read more
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Why We Do What We Do - More Than Just a Release

Via Volunteer Sandy Moore : "A day like today makes everything we do for these raptors the sweetest part of the job. To be able to release a bird back into the wild is the ultimate achievement. It is a personal honor for me to release this bird today as I do this in memory of my big brother Carl, who passed away in February. I owe my love and passion for animals to my brother. My entire life has been dedicated to them. I guess you can say "he was the wind beneath my wings". So without further adieu, let's release this red tailed hawk to fly free..." Original Story : On 11/8/2017 Soarin' Hawk...Read more
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Rough-Legged Hawk Release

This is a release of a rough-legged hawk that Shirley Needham, a SH volunteer and subpermittee rescued, rehabbed, and released.Read more
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Snowy Owl Release - #02282018SNOW

After a little more than 3 weeks of food, medicine, rest and recuperation, we creance flew this snowy owl on March 19th. That session showed us that she was ready to head home to the arctic tundra. Everyone met at the ICU facility where we moved her to a transport box for the ride to the release sight. We faced her into the wind and just like that, she was gone. Wishing her Godspeed as she heads home; with a little piece of everyone’s heart here at Soarin’ Hawk. A video of the release is provided; as well as a Journal Gazette article , with more pictures for your viewing pleasure. Photos by:...Read more
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A Rehab Success Story - Moochi The Eagle

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Red-Tailed Hawk Release INTAKE #05072017

The original release of these red-tailed hawks was postponed due to severe thunderstorms in the area, but luckily the following day produced beautiful, sunny skies - perfect conditions to launch into a new life! Released 11/05/2017 at Pokagon State Park, IN.Read more
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