Releasing rehabilitated birds back in to the wild is an amazing experience! Adult birds are typically released back from the area from which they came. They know the hunting grounds well and may even have a mate waiting for them! Orphans can be released just about anywhere there is suitable habitat for them. 


Great Horned Owl happy to be home.

Today we celebrated the release of a Great Horn Owl back into the wild. In spite of the bitterly cold wind blowing across the fields, everyone was there. The folks at WANE TV News made the trek to Whitley County to film the event. The Conservation Officers involved in the rescue were there, and of course a vanload from Soarin’ Hawk. After allowing the GHO to settle down after the 45 minute ride deep into farm country, everyone was ready. We always give the bird time to settle down and observe where they are before we release them. Give them time to plan their escape! With cameras whirring,...Read more
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Great Horned Owl happy to be home!

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Red-tailed Hawk released back into the wild January 7th

Another Success Story. After 3 months of medical treatment and recovery from a severe injury, this Red-tailed Hawk was released back into the wild on January 7th. On Sept. 19th of this year, I got a call that there was a hawk on the ground in Hicklville, Ohio. The man who called said that he had observed the hawk on the ground of a parking lot for several hours. He was just standing, and not flying. I went to pick him up, and when I approached him, he flew about 200 yards to a tree line. I decided to follow him, and when I spotted him, he was dangling in a tree by one foot. My husband and I...Read more
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Bald Eagle released back into the wild on New Years eve

We had a very successful release of the bald eagle on 12/31/2016 at the Howard County Veterans Campground. We were joined by about 60-70 members of the public on a very cold and windy day. When it came time for the eagle to fly, he did so beautifully and flew right over the heads of those that came to witness the release. He then continued to fly towards a group of trees, enjoying the wind and the freedom of soaring in the sky. It was a wonderful sight to behold. for more pics check out on For more infoRead more
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Bradley the Bald Eagle is ready to GO HOME !

For MORE INFO on his medical care and progress, check out 09222016 Bald Eagle So on Thursday Sept. 22, 2016 I received a call from Soarin' Hawk volunteer Jennifer Lanning advising me there was a injured bald eagle in my area and asked if I could assist. So after a brief conversation and some information exchange I made contact with Indiana State Trooper Scott Meyer from district 22. Scott informed me that the eagle was on the side of SR26 just east of CR 1100E. We talked for a bit and I informed him I was on my way but it would be about 30-40 minutes before I could get there. He said he would...Read more

Lady Eagle Released Today

Lady Eagle Released Today Read the full story at more
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#01142016 Red-tailed Hawk Released

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Screech Owl makes fast recovery and released to home territory.

Please go to for the complete story on the amazing teen that rescued this owl.Read more
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Red-shouldered Hawk released after 12month recovery

On January 3rd, one of our volunteers released this red shouldered hawk on 80 acres of land with three wetlands, one pond, and a swamp . Prairie grass will be a great hunting ground and the deciduous trees and coniferous trees will make a great roost. He will be able to hunt field mice, small birds, rabbits, and amphibians. She was able to observe him soaring and getting acquainted to his new home. While watching over an hour, she was lucky enough to see him get his first meal of a field mouse! This red-shouldered hawk had been in our care for over a year due to a presumed sickness from the...Read more
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Flying an Eagle

I have been a volunteer for the past 3½ years. During that time, we have had two Bald Eagles in rehab. Both were non-releasable. One went to Tracy Aviary in Salt Lake City, Utah and the other went to Dollywood in Tennessee. We had one rescue where the eagle was so severely damaged that it had to be euthanized. But, now we have “Lady Eagle” who is a releasable Bald Eagle in rehab and is ready for conditioning. I received a phone call from Barbara Hathaway asking if I wanted to “fly” an Eagle. At first I was a little hesitant because of the size of the bird and I didn’t know if I had the...Read more

Hawk Release, Nov 2015

There is no greater joy for us than releasing a now healthy and fully recovered bird back into the wild!Read more
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Hawk Release

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