Slow Motion Video of Bald Eagle in Flight

This slow motion video captures the elegance and complexity of flight. This was taken during a recent flight conditioning flight of a Bald Eagle in our care.Read more
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Red-tailed Hawk shot

Radiograph is of a red tail that has been shot. It is against state and federal laws to shoot a raptor. SHRR is required to report any raptor that has been shot, although it is very difficult to track down the perpetrator. This bird was lucky. Since just the ulna was broken and the radius is intact, the radius acts like a splint and keeps the ulna relatively stable until the ulna heals. The wing is also wrapped to the bird's body to keep the fracture even more stable as it heals. Daily physical therapy consists of unwrapping the wing, gently extending and flexing the wing several times to...Read more

Three Orphaned Kestrels

Early this summer, we received 3 orphaned kestrels from the same location. A gentleman found them one by one in the middle of his barn floor and could not find a nest to replace them in. Unfortunately one suffered a broken leg and internal injuries in the long fall and didn’t survive. The other two we took in and carefully raised them. It is very important when we have orphans that they are raised with as little human contact as possible. If they become imprinted or too acclimated to people, they cannot be released back into the wild. So as tempting as it is to talk to and make over the...Read more

Tail Guards

If a raptor is put in a small cage (for a variety of reasons including rest for a broken bone, neurologic problems, illness such as West Nile Virus, infections, etc) it has a tendency to break its tail feathers or get them dirty. A tail guard made of a light weight plastic, in this case an old x-ray, is custom made and taped to the tail to prevent damage to the tail. A raptor cannot be released with broken tail feathers as the tail is necessary for maneuvering. Nor can it be released with a number of broken or missing flight feathers, which are obviously needed for flight. If flight or tail...Read more