Physical Therapy, Part 1 Range of Motion

Birds of Prey rely on expert flight skills to hunt successfully. After surgery, several weeks or months of physical therapy is necessary before the bird is able to successfully hunt again. Step 1 is returning full motion after surgery. Be sure to watch the video on how physical therapy is performed. Step 2 will be exercise to regain strength. Check out the videos on the status page for 01102017 Great Horned Owl and 01152017-barred-owl and 02142017-coopers-hawkRead more

Initial Examination of Bald Eagle 03282017

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AAUW Grant

The American Association of University Women, Fort Wayne Chapter has graciously provided funds to Soarin’Hawk for the purchase of a microscope. The microscope will allow us to expand our educational activities, as well as support the medical care of the many raptors that we rescue/treat/care for/release each year. For more about AAUW please go to the national and local chapter websitesRead more

The Great Escape - no bars can hold me back

THE GREAT "ESCAPE" HORNED OWL Standing on the side of the pathway, the Great Horned Owl had somehow sustained a fractured left humerus. So with the help of the powerful healer, she was subdued and the healer tended to her wounds. She was transported to a locked chamber to mend. I was tasked with bringing her food, water, and medicine after the sun had set. She vowed to me that my life would end and she would escape these chambers. Every evening I would prepare her meal as well as prepare myself for battle. I equipped my Kevlar gloves and my towel that was my shield. I crept down the corridor...Read more
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Bruner Dental Center adopts injured Great Horned Owl

The kind folks at the Bruner Dental Center in Fairmount IN have made a large donation to pay for the care of #02012017 Great Horned Owl. This magnificient great horned owl has a serious eye injury. Go to this link for the latest news on this bird. Thank You !!!Read more

Wildlife Rescue Nests

Thanks to the non-profit group Wildlife Rescue Nests for sending us these hand knit nests for our upcoming baby season! All nests are made by a network of volunteers and provide nests to wildlife rescue centers all over the world! They have sent, free of charge, nests to Canada (where the idea started), the U.S., Ireland, the U.K., Norway, Denmark, France, Germany, Italy, India, Africa, Australia, New Zealand and Costa Rica. This is the first year Soarin' Hawk has received nests from them and we are looking forward to using them! http://wildliferescuenests.weebly.comRead more

Surgery Day for #01142017 Barred Owl

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Post surgery followup for 01142017 Barred owl

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Be nice to the Sheriff …

One of Soarin' Hawk largest expenses is meat for the raptors. Last year the raptors in our medical treatment program consumed over 4,000 lbs of a variety of meats. One way we save money is by being on the ‘deer hit’ list at the local sheriff departments. That means they call us whenever a deer has been hit by a car. We all love deer, but at least this way the deer's life helps to save the life of multiple wild animals ... the raptors. Please help us extend a big heartfelt Thank You to the the officers of the Allen County, Noble County, and DeKalb County Sheriff's Departments. With their help...Read more

My first exam … by 01162016 Bald Eagle

My first exam … by Mr. Bald Eagle (01162017) Early this morning, my human care taker packed me up and drove me to Soarin’ Hawk for a veterinary exam by Dr. Pat at Pine Valley Veterinary Clinic. I had just gotten comfortable in my travel enclosure, when someone opened the door and reached in … to do what I asked with alarm! Clever bird that I am, I realized that if I stayed in the back, the Dr. Pat could not reach me. Why she pondered her next move, I surprised everyone in the room when I decided to walk out into the exam room. After a bit of excitement, I agreed to be placed on the...Read more

Can a hawk die from broken feathers?

Can a hawk die from broken feathers? The answer is "yes"... if those broken feathers keep the hawk from flying. If it cannot fly, it cannot hunt live prey and can starve to death. This hawk was lucky because someone found it and contacted Soarin' Hawk. Most of its flight feathers on one wing were broken. It was so emaciated and weak it was probably only a couple days away from dying. Treatment consists of tube feeding a gruel made for the critical care of carnivores such as Hawks. He was fed this for two days and tonight has his first piece of meat, without bones or skin. He readily ate! He...Read more

‘Hoo’ wouldn’t love to have an Owl living in their backyard?

‘Hoo’ wouldn’t love to have an Owl living in their backyard? Thank you all for a great response to this story! We received offers from all over Allen County and Northern Indiana. We were lucky that a family that lives very near where the bird was found in Northeast Fort Wayne was able to sponsor his new home. 01232016-easo-1 Was released on 3/8/16. He was adopted by Cindy and Stephen Rahn. “Happy”, as he was named, was placed by Dick Buchanan in an owl box mounted in a tree in front of the Rahn’s house. About 18 people witnessed his release. This little guy, named "Happy" made the front page...Read more

This little guy's death reminds all of us ...

Unfortunately this brave little Screech owl died overnight. He was extremely thin, so starvation and dehydration was most likely the cause of his death. You may wonder why we did not immediately feed him when he was admitted. If a dehydrated, emaciated raptor is fed immediately upon arrival, it will develop what is called "refeeding syndrome". It is a complex problem that also occurs in people and other animals. Simply stated,it is a series of metabolic problems that can lead to death and develop as a result of giving food back to a starving patient. It sounds counterintuitive to not give...Read more

Impact of Avian Influenza on Raptors

On January 14, 2016, a commercial turkey flock in Southwestern Indiana was diagnosed with highly pathogenic avian influenza (HPAI). The strain that was identified, H7N8, is a strain of highly pathogenic avian influenza that is unique to Indiana and to the nation. The CDC reports that the risk of illness in humans is very low. So what does that have to do with raptors? In wild birds, HPAI has been found primarily in waterfowl. Wild waterfowl typically do not get sick or die from HPAI, but they spread the virus in their feces. However, other species of wild birds, including raptors, can become...Read more

Pine Valley Veterinary Clinic

We are pleased to announce that Pine Valley Veterinary Clinic now provides medical services for Soarn' Hawk. Look closely at the sign, and you will see that the local raptors got the message and are kocking at the door! Please return their generosity by ensuring that your pets are cared for by the fantasic team at Pine Valley Veterinary Clinic.Read more