Volunteering at Soarin' Hawk is Exciting & Rewarding

Boy Scout Troop 333 - Raptor & Bats

Boy Scout Troop 333 is the best ! The members of Troop 333 worked hard all day May 13th at the Soarin'Hawk Expo 2017. The troop made nearly 20 Owl Homes & Bat Homes which were purchased by the public. We met this troop back in March after we rescued a raptor at one of the troop member's home. After a successful rescue, they offered their services, asking what they could to do help. The Owl & Bat homes help to Conserve and Protect the Raptor & Bat population of Indiana. Raptors & Bats play and integral role in maintaining the natural balance in the population of rodents and...Read more

Baby Hawk first day at Soarin Hawk

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A tribute to our Peregrine Falcon, Nancy

On May 3rd, 2017, Soarin' Hawk lost our beloved Peregrine Falcon, Nancy. She died peacefully in her pen. Nancy came to Soarin' Hawk Dec. 1st, 2012, from another rehabber, and was added to our permit in 2014. She was non-releasable due to a broken wing that could not be repaired. Nancy was a very nervous bird when she first came to us. She would shake and run from anyone who entered her pen. She became less nervous over the years, by animal caretakers being very patient with her when they entered her pen, and by slowly training her to step up on a glove for food. She had to maintain her...Read more

Orion & Dick at Earth Day 2017

Orion is one of our resident education birds who is being trained to free-fly at education events. While we are not sure if Dick is training Orion or Orion is training Dick, this dynamic duo works well together. Developing this relationship takes dedication. Dick works with Orion nearly every day, all year long.Read more

Lead poisoning a threat to eagles, other area wildlife

Lead hunting ammunition appears to be the biggest cause of of eagle lead poisonings. Veterinarian Dr. Pat Funnell, left, who is president of Soarin' Hawk Raptor Rehabilitation Center, stands with center volunteer Bridgette McCue, who holds Jefferson, an American bald eagle. Jefferson was injured after coming in contact with power lines and now is part of Soarin' Hawk education programs. But the nonprofit group recently couldn't save an eagle brought to it with lead poisoning caused by accidentally eating a shotgun pellet. (By Kevin Kilbane of The News-Sentinel) For the full story go to The...Read more

LeadCare II measures lead levels in blood, in minutes.

Blood Lead Testing System. Thanks to YOU our followers and donors who responded to our call for help on FaceBook , Soarin’ Hawk now owns a LeadCare II Blood Lead Testing System which enables us to test the level of lead in raptor blood samples, in less than 10 minutes. Versus the 5 days it takes if we have to send samples to an outside testing laboratory. The quicker we diagnose, the quicker we can start treatment. The LeadCare II manufactured by Magellan Diagnostics is a state-of-the-art Point-of-Care testing system. We are lucky to own one. Thank you !Read more

Eagle dies due to lead poisoning.

We are very saddened to report that the adult bald eagle suffering from lead poisoning died yesterday. He fought valiantly. Our volunteers worked tirelessly to provide the twice daily treatment. All of you were rooting for him and for us and we deeply appreciate it. While I am extremely disappointed we could not save him, we learned a lot. And thanks to many of you, raised money for a blood level lead analyzer that will enable us to get quicker results and hopefully produce a better outcome in the future. On necropsy, we did find the very small piece of lead that ultimately took our beautiful...Read more

Physical Therapy, Part 1 Range of Motion

Birds of Prey rely on expert flight skills to hunt successfully. After surgery, several weeks or months of physical therapy is necessary before the bird is able to successfully hunt again. Step 1 is returning full motion after surgery. Be sure to watch the video on how physical therapy is performed. Step 2 will be exercise to regain strength. Check out the videos on the status page for 01102017 Great Horned Owl and 01152017-barred-owl and 02142017-coopers-hawkRead more

Initial Examination of Bald Eagle 03282017

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AAUW Grant

The American Association of University Women, Fort Wayne Chapter has graciously provided funds to Soarin’Hawk for the purchase of a microscope. The microscope will allow us to expand our educational activities, as well as support the medical care of the many raptors that we rescue/treat/care for/release each year. For more about AAUW please go to the national http://www.aauw.org and local chapter http://aauwfortwayne.org websitesRead more

The Great Escape - no bars can hold me back

THE GREAT "ESCAPE" HORNED OWL Standing on the side of the pathway, the Great Horned Owl had somehow sustained a fractured left humerus. So with the help of the powerful healer, she was subdued and the healer tended to her wounds. She was transported to a locked chamber to mend. I was tasked with bringing her food, water, and medicine after the sun had set. She vowed to me that my life would end and she would escape these chambers. Every evening I would prepare her meal as well as prepare myself for battle. I equipped my Kevlar gloves and my towel that was my shield. I crept down the corridor...Read more
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Bruner Dental Center adopts injured Great Horned Owl

The kind folks at the Bruner Dental Center in Fairmount IN have made a large donation to pay for the care of #02012017 Great Horned Owl. This magnificient great horned owl has a serious eye injury. Go to this link for the latest news on this bird. Thank You !!!Read more

Wildlife Rescue Nests

Thanks to the non-profit group Wildlife Rescue Nests for sending us these hand knit nests for our upcoming baby season! All nests are made by a network of volunteers and provide nests to wildlife rescue centers all over the world! They have sent, free of charge, nests to Canada (where the idea started), the U.S., Ireland, the U.K., Norway, Denmark, France, Germany, Italy, India, Africa, Australia, New Zealand and Costa Rica. This is the first year Soarin' Hawk has received nests from them and we are looking forward to using them! http://wildliferescuenests.weebly.comRead more

Surgery Day for #01142017 Barred Owl

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