Soarin' Hawk Has a New ICU!

Soarin’ Hawk now has an ICU (intensive care unit) for extremely ill and injured raptors. Historically, the extremely ill were taken care of in volunteers’ homes. Though the people did a great job of caring for the birds, it was not ideal. Each bird would need to be put in a cage and transported for veterinary rechecks and minor procedures, which adds stress to an already sick wild animal. We could not afford to buy a scale for each volunteer to monitor the birds’ weight as well as to weigh the food the animal was being fed. A centralized facility where all the birds can be in the same room...Read more

Fractures and Euthanasia

“We had to euthanize this raptor because the fracture was not repairable” … may not make any sense to those outside of raptor rehabilitation. So let us try and explain. The end goal/requirement of wildlife rehabilitation is to release the animal back into the wild. But it must not be released with any physical impairment that would make it either unable to hunt for its own food or be more vulnerable to injury or to a predator. If an animal is not releasable back into the wild we can occasionally place a bird in qualified institution (zoo, etc.) that wants the animal. But there are even...Read more

From the Clinic

There are 3 blood parasites that affect birds. There are some human blood parasites, but fortunately they are not something we typically have to worry about in the United States. This article will cover Leucocytozoon spp. Leucocytozoon spp. commonly infects both white and red blood cells. The red arrows in the first image point to examples of a lymphocyte (white blood cell) infected with Leucocytozoon spp. The yellow arrows in the second image point to examples of normal looking lymphocytes. You can see how difficult it would be to identify the kind of cell that is infected on the left...Read more

Please welcome Katherine Tate to the Soarn Hawk Veterinary Team

Please welcome Katherine Tate, B.S.,RVT. to the Soarin’ Hawk veterinary team! Katherine joined us in June of 2017. We had just started talking about the need for a vet tech when we received an email from Katherine inquiring if we had any openings. After reading her bio, we felt that the stars had aligned. We met shortly thereafter, offered her a job, and she accepted! Kat’s story: When I first started college 7 years ago I went into human medicine. I thought I wanted to be a Physician's Assistant. After 3 years, I realized that human medicine wasn't for me, but animal medicine was. I had to...Read more

from the Clinic

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Walmart Associates make a difference.

Just a few weeks ago, 10 associates from the Walmart Distribution Center in Auburn IN dedicated their weekend in service to Soarin' Hawk. In response to our front page call for "more fish" they spent the weekend restocking our supply of fish while enjoying a day outdoors. Not only did they bring inthe fish, Walmart has a program that provides grants to non-profits, based on the number of hours that their associates donate to the community. The 83 hours contributed by these hardworking folks will provide Soarin' Hawk with a lot of fish and $1,000. Thank you Walmart associates and the Walmart...Read more

Sand Hill Crane released back to the wild

It truly takes a village. Through the combined efforts of Wildcat Creek, Indiana DNR and Soarin' Hawk, this Sand Hill Crane returns to the wild today.Read more

from the CLINIC

from the CLINIC - Bumblefoot by Katherine Tate, BS, RVT Bumblefoot is also known as Pododermatitis. Essentially, this condition is inflammation of the feet. Bumblefoot can be a management problem, but can also develop due to an injury. The cause of bumblefoot is due to the bird being in captivity for extended periods of time. This condition begins with the bird placing abnormal amounts of pressure to the feet. The unequal distribution of weight is due to inappropriately shaped perches, incorrect perch substrates, and enclosure layouts that cause the bird to injure the pads on their feet...Read more

Red-tailed Hawk nestling graduates to Hack Box

The pair of red-tailed hawk nestlings rescued in early May have graduated to Hack Boxes. What is a Hack Box? It is a man made structure that provided shelter from the elements, protection from predators, a covered balcony, yet is large enough for the birds to exercise a bit. A Hack Box also has door though which our avian care team provides food (without being seen). As the birds mature over the coming months, the door on the end of the balcony will be opened. The birds will be free to come and go as they please,...Read more
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Baby Barred Owl thrive - inspite of Mother Nature

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Barred Owls - the continuing saga

On May 10, 2017, approaching the nesting sight the small group hoped to find the re nested baby still in the cavity with its sibling. Not disappointed, there they were huddled together and in a quiet slumber. Not for long however, an adult had arrived with a meal, a small rodent (mouse or shrew). She stopped short of the nest and landed in a nearby tree. Carefully observing the area and assessing if we were a threat no doubt. When confident we came in peace and obviously knowing we played a part in getting to feed two, not just one, the adult flew to the youngsters. Over the course of short...Read more

Volunteering at Soarin' Hawk is Exciting & Rewarding

Boy Scout Troop 333 - Raptor & Bats

Boy Scout Troop 333 is the best ! The members of Troop 333 worked hard all day May 13th at the Soarin'Hawk Expo 2017. The troop made nearly 20 Owl Homes & Bat Homes which were purchased by the public. We met this troop back in March after we rescued a raptor at one of the troop member's home. After a successful rescue, they offered their services, asking what they could to do help. The Owl & Bat homes help to Conserve and Protect the Raptor & Bat population of Indiana. Raptors & Bats play and integral role in maintaining the natural balance in the population of rodents and...Read more

Baby Hawk first day at Soarin Hawk

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A tribute to our Peregrine Falcon, Nancy

On May 3rd, 2017, Soarin' Hawk lost our beloved Peregrine Falcon, Nancy. She died peacefully in her pen. Nancy came to Soarin' Hawk Dec. 1st, 2012, from another rehabber, and was added to our permit in 2014. She was non-releasable due to a broken wing that could not be repaired. Nancy was a very nervous bird when she first came to us. She would shake and run from anyone who entered her pen. She became less nervous over the years, by animal caretakers being very patient with her when they entered her pen, and by slowly training her to step up on a glove for food. She had to maintain her...Read more