Soarin' Hawk aims high Rehab center looks to expand mission with education

Soarin' Hawk aims high Rehab center looks to expand mission with education Jim Mount | For The Journal Gazette It’s a chilly Friday morning in March when four members of Soarin’ Hawk Raptor Rehabilitation Center gather in the parking lot of Snider High School. School was out that day, which is disappointing because a rare show is about to take place. click here for the rest of the article and videoRead more

News-Sentinel - Soarin' Hawk raptor rehab looking for new site so it can expand bird care, public education

By Kevin Kilbane, Thursday, February 25, 2016 12:01 AM The Soarin’ Hawk raptor rehabilitation program hopes a change of roost will help it care for more birds and also become a destination for raptor education and conservation. Founded in 1996, Soarin’ Hawk currently operates on a board member’s private property in northern Allen County. That location was supposed to be temporary, but the nonprofit group has been there eight years and has outgrown the site. The all-volunteer organization now hopes ... For the rest of the story follow please click on the link below:...Read more

A young girls tears.

02172016-RTHA This Red Tail Hawk was found by a woman and her young daughter. The young girl was in tears and told her mom they needed to find help for the bird. Unfortunately, the humerus was so badly shattered and there was such a severe infection that the bird needed to be euthanized. We as adults all need to to regain the compassion for animals that this young girl has.Read more

Lady Eagle released back to the wild

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Love is in the Air

Love is in the Air On a cool, sunny February day my drowsy nap was interrupted by a piercing scream from beyond our picture window. I was recuperating from a coworker shared case of the flu and had settled into the recliner in front of the picture window. The warm sunshine and quiet of the house was just what the doctor or actually Ann ordered. I looked out to find the source of the screams and found two Red-tailed Hawks circling about 200 feet above the wetlands behind our house. The circling and calling continued until one bird suddenly flew at the other, as if to attack, and at the last...Read more

MacMillan family sponsors Jethro in 2016

We are delighted that the MacMillan family has adopted Jethro, an American Kestrel and one of our Education Ambassadors for 2016. Everyone needs family! Which of our charismatic birdsp-of-prey are you going to adopt this year?Read more

Soarin'Hawk on NPR

When you hear the word “raptor,” the first thing that comes to mind might be the vicious dinosaurs from movies like Jurassic Park . Raptors, by definition, are birds of prey. So, that means hawks, falcons, owls and vultures are all raptors. In Fort Wayne, the Soarin’ Hawk Raptor Rescue has been finding and rehabilitating injured raptors in the wild for the past two decades. Soarin’ Hawk President Dr. Pat Funnell says they rescue up to 130 birds a year, and the rehab process can be lengthy. “Typically we’ll do x-rays and blood work, see what’s going on and then make a determination where to go...Read more

Walton's Red-Shoulders

The faint twittering of foraging Juncos emanates from the ground beneath the tangle of honeysuckle branches. While above and to the back, White-throated Sparrows call out to “Old Sam Peabody”. The red and brown shapes of Cardinals blur in the earlier morning light. It’s daybreak on “Waltons’ Mountain”. A half hour later, bundled up against the cold, Ann is carrying coffee cans of seed to the seemingly unending assortment of tray, stump and tube feeders. The blue jays and crows are finally awake and letting their precocious presence known. Then, from high in the cottonwood, comes a high...Read more

Record Year for Educational Outreach

Soarin' Hawk had a record year for Educational Programs. This program at St. Paul's Lutheran School in November was one of the 109 programs we presented to schools, libraries, home schools and community groups. In attendance were 200 students in grades K thru 8. In addition to to our energetic live Raptors, we bring preserved wings and feet that the students can handle. This allows them to develop an appreciation for the differences in the wings, feathers and feet of various species. Please check out our Education Program offerings at and make your...Read more