First peregrine hatchling of 2020!

Jamie and Moxie's first egg hatched at about 1:15 today (4-22-20)!Read more

Oh happy day! Chick #2!

We have our second peregrine chick of 2020! The second egg hatched today at about 6pm. It has been a long 39 days since the first egg was laid. The new baby is very tired right now. Birds have an ‘egg tooth’ on their beak, which they use to work away at the inside of the shell until it breaks apart. It's a very exhausting process! The tooth will eventually fall off as the chick grows. Moxie will start to feed the chick soon, and the other two eggs should hatch in a few days.Read more

We have eggs 3 & 4!

... and, suddenly, there are 4! Moxie laid her 3d and 4th eggs sometime between March 16th and the 21st. Falcons typically lay between 2 and 4 eggs, and the incubation period averages about 33 days. The female does most (about 2/3) of the incubating, but the male will take over while mom goes for food. Keep watching! more

She's Incubating!

Moxie is incubating egg #1! Watch the Indiana Michigan Falcon Cam! - Click here!Read more

...and now there are two!

The second egg was laid this morning! Watch the falcons live! - click hereRead more

"Moxie, I'm Ho-ome!"

Jamie, Fort Wayne's male peregrine falcon, has returned to the nest! (In both photos, Jamie is on the right.) Photos from Indiana Michigan Power Falcon CamRead more

A Heartfelt Thank You

Soarin’ Hawk is very grateful to the folks at Pet Rest , a family-owned and -operated business that donates dignified cremations for our rescued and education birds that have died. The birds’ ashes are interred on their beautiful property in Ossian, Indiana, where the ashes “help flowers bloom and make the earth more beautiful.” Pet Rest’s services are a choice offered by many veterinarians in the area. Learn more about Pet Rest – Click HereRead more

Fort Wayne's Female Peregrine is Back!

She's back! Moxie , the female of Fort Wayne's pair of Peregrine Falcons, has returned to the nesting box high atop the I&M Building in downtown Fort Wayne. (Photo shows the small "bowl" in the stones (called a "scrape") where she will lay her eggs.)Read more

Fishing for Jefferson

Jefferson, our handsome Bald Eagle, loves fish. When he started to get low on his favorite meal, we put out a call for fish, and you came through with flying colors! Thanks to Matt Parr of Undertow Baits (260-908-4484), John Grimm , plus Steve and another John , Jefferson now has 41 pounds of fish to eat! That will last a little more than a month. Do you like to fish? You can go fishing for Jefferson too! IMPORTANT : Whole fish only. No fillets please. No carp (Jefferson doesn't like carp). Remove all hooks, etc. Blue gill or other similarly sized fish are perfect. If you can, please package...Read more

We're Home!

THE DAY HAS COME! We've waited for this day for more than 25 years, and it has finally arrived! Our education birds and rehab birds now have a new, state-of-the-art home! Thanks to Pat and Byron Funnell for allowing us to overstay our welcome these many years. This month, we highlight the commissary, where our Avian Care team prepares all the birds' meals each day. The old commissary was outdoors, cramped, and had a leaky roof, and the birds' view of the outdoor environment was very limited. Each and every day, without exception, our dedicated volunteers braved below-freezing temperatures in...Read more

Irwin Elementary 5th Grade Learns that Science Isn't Just "For the Birds"

Ms. Holmes' 5th grade class at Irwin Elementary learned about raptors and how human actions impact them. Students investigated the eating habits of some local birds of prey while also discovering how human and avian activities are interconnected with the local ecosystem.Read more
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Kendallville NEWS SUN Covers Peregrine Release

Injured bird returned to soar once again over Emma Lake By Patrick Redmond Nov 19, 2019 Photo Contributed EMMA —Lisa Royal came home one day in late September and discovered a real surprise sitting out of her parents’ Emma Lake house right next door. A large bird of prey was sitting on a woodpile next to her parents’ house. The bird was intense, but injured, and could not fly away. “It watched every move we made but didn’t make any moves to get away from us. It was hurting,” she explained. Royal quickly suspected the bird wasn’t just your average ordinary bird of prey...Read more

UPDATE: Ruby and Houdini are Home!

Our wayward children have returned to the fold! We are so happy they're home! Ruby is doing great, eating fine, and is getting back to being her old self. Houdini is doing okay, but has not been eating well since his surgery. He is being hand-fed to make sure he gets the nutrition he needs, and we hope that being back in familiar surroundings will stimulate him to eat on his own. Thanks to everyone who contributed to give these beautiful, special birds a chance. Please send your positive thoughts to little Houdini as he readjusts.Read more

Houdini Update

Houdini had his surgery today. He woke up fairly quickly and started perching. At this point, it's difficult to tell how much he can see. He will go in for a re-check appointment tomorrow and then again in a week. Ruby is doing great! She is eating on her own and both re-check appointments went fantastic! We hope we will be able to bring them home the end of next week or the week of the 28th.Read more

Ruby's Surgery Was a Success!!!

Today was surgery day for Ruby, our resident Red-Tailed Hawk. Bright and early this morning, Sue H. and Bill O. delivered Ruby and Houdini to Purdue University's Small Animal Hospital, where - thanks to your generosity - both will undergo surgery to remove a cataract. We all were on pins and needles while we waited to hear that Ruby came through the surgery okay, and the results. Was the surgery successful? Is the cataract gone? YES! The cataract is gone, and Ruby is recovering well! We are so happy and relieved! Your generosity made these life-saving surgeries possible for Ruby and Houdini...Read more