Why BIrds Matter

Check out the January Issue of National Geographic The Year of the Bird In 1918 Congress passed the Migratory Bird Treaty Act to protect birds from wanton killing. To celebrate the centennial, National Geographic is partnering with the National Audubon Society , BirdLife International , and the Cornell Lab of Ornithology to declare 2018 the Year of the Bird . Watch for more stories, maps, books, events, and social media content throughout the year.Read more

NEW Volunteer Orientation 13 Jan

At Soarin’Hawk we rely on volunteers to execute our mission to conserve and protect birds of prey through rehabilitation and education. There are many ways that our volunteers contribute; avian care, rescue, physical therapy, educational programs, facility maintenance, donor development, fund raisers, social media, newsletter, website, grant writing. Click Here for more info or Email us at volunteer@soarinhawk.orgRead more

Community Foundation of Greater Fort Wayne

Community Foundation of Greater Fort Wayne Soarin Hawk recently was awarded two grants from the Community Foundation of Greater Fort Wayne in support of our mission. The first grant of $5,000 specifically supports the salary our Veterinary Technician who recently graduated from Purdue University. The last two years has seen a tremendous increase in the number of raptor ‘patients’ that we had taken in. 20 years of being on call for Soarin Hawk was taking a toll on our sole veterinary provider, Dr. Pat Funnell DVM. The board agreed that it was time to hire a vet- tech, which was a big step for...Read more

Peregrine Chick Banding at AEP/I&M, May 2017

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Expo 2017 - kids & education

Birds of prey excite visitors at Soarin' Hawk event JAMIE DUFFY | The Journal Gazette When Barbara Hathaway took on the care of an injured eagle this spring, she had to wait five days for blood tests to come back. Hathaway, a volunteer with the Soarin' Hawk Raptor Rehabilitation Center, tended to the 10- to- 12-pound eagle with a 7-foot wing spread at her home. for the complete story go to the The Joutnal GazetteRead more

WFFT going-green-eagles-and-the-dangers-of-lead-poisoning

WFFT 10 April 2017 Forty years ago the bald eagle was in danger of extinction. Now, the eagle has made a comeback and is even frequenting northeast Indiana. But now, hundreds of bald eagles have died the past decade due to lead poisoning. One local group is trying to save the birds, and educate citizens on how you can help. "We'll see more. There's actually nests in the area. So the eagles we take in, we used to take in maybe one a year, not even that. But we have three in rehabilitation right now. For the a video and the rest of the story click hereRead more

"Monty's" Story - The Rescue, Student Fund Raiser & Return to the Trees

“MONTY” During the late evening hours of August 15, our Chihuahuas discovered a Red Tail Hawk near the back door of our house, on the campus of Peace Montessori School. Given that it didn’t react to our small dogs I suspected that it was most likely injured. We checked on him later that evening and then went out to check his whereabouts as soon as the sun came up in the morning. As I had anticipated he was still sitting on the patio, affording me the opportunity to marvel in his grace and beauty. My son and I dearly love these magnificent birds and will often drive about looking to catch a...Read more

Barns Owls of Northern Indiana - Rescue & Return Home

Barns Owl Rescued August 4, 2016 Late Wednesday evening; a Soarin’ Hawk volunteer received a message from the local DNR C.O. informing us of a “problem” with a Barn Owl family in a farmer’s silo. It came as quite the surprise! Barn Owls are very rare in northern Indiana. On average only 10-15 nests are discovered annually; most of which are located in the lower half of the state. The following morning she drove out to the farm and was immediately greeted by the family. All work came to a complete halt and they trooped through the stock pens and shed to the base of a 45 foot tall silo. Inside...Read more

Eastern Screen & Barred Owl placed with Cornell University

Soarin' Hawk is always excited when we can place one of our non-releasable raptors at an accredited facility! Cornell University has a long history of using live raptors in education programs. We were happy to send two birds, an Eastern Screech Owl and a Barred Owl , to them. The Barred Owl had an injured elbow which prevented his release back into the wild. The Screech Owl had some mild neurologic problems which prevented his release, but he will still make a great education bird. They flew via Delta Dash to their new home. Delta Dash is a special program through Delta which provides extra...Read more

My Dad is a Great Horned Owl, Part 2 Settling In

Update Latest pictures of Apollo and the aggressive baby GHO. They have both settled in real well. They are eating well. I placed 2 live quail in the pen with them and now they are gone….the quail that is. Original Story During a windstorm it is not uncommon for immature birds to be blown down from the trees in which they have been living. We recommend putting the displaced birds back in their nests. Unfortunately, for a variety of reasons, this cannot always be done. Thanks to the efforts of a concerned citizen and Fort Wayne Animal Care and Control, this guy was picked up and brought to us...Read more

The Eagles need FISH.

Our eagles need fish! Please contact us if you can supply Jefferson with whole fish (fresh/frozen). Please make sure that all hooks are removed. Call: 260-401-0134 Email: Info@SoarinHawk.orgRead more

Soarin’ Hawk has lost a longtime volunteer, Larry Cochren

From the beginning of Soarin’ Hawk, there was Larry. There was no task that he was unwilling to tackle. In the early days, he worked in a hot metal garage in Auburn, constructing cages and rehab boxes. He would only interrupt his construction efforts to rescue or treat a bird. He always made time to rescue the birds; in fact, I think he may have left work a little early at times to save a raptor in crisis. After the move from Auburn to Leo, Larry plunged into educating himself about the care and treatment of injured birds of prey. Further growth of the group and its activities dictated the...Read more

My Dad is a Great Horned Owl

During a windstorm it is not uncommon for immature birds to be blown down from the trees in which they have been living. We recommend putting the displaced birds back in their nests. Unfortunately, for a variety of reasons, this cannot always be done. Thanks to the efforts of a concerned citizen and Fort Wayne Animal Care and Control, this guy was picked up and brought to us. There were no injuries found. As you can see he is quite large for a baby Great Horned Owl! Great Horned owls first attempt to leave the nest at about six weeks. At this stage they have not yet learned to fly. They will...Read more

Jefferson - has all grown up!

Jefferson, our resident education Bald Eagle, has all grown up. Check out this video about his life with Soarin' Hawk./Read more
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Peregrine falcon pair raising two chicks

By Kevin Kilbane, kkilbane@news-sentinel.com Thursday, April 28, 2016 5:28 AM The peregrine falcon nest box atop the Indiana Michigan Power Center in downtown Fort Wayne now is a family home. Parent birds believed to be Moxie and Jamie now are caring for two chicks, said John Castrale, a retired longtime nongame bird biologist with the Indiana Department of Natural Resources’ Division of Fish and Wildlife who continues to assist with the falcon program around the state. http://www.news-sentinel.com/news/local/Peregrine-falcon-pair-raising-two-chicksRead more