Promenade Park Opening

Jefferson, our resident bald eagle, and Bridgette, one of his handlers, helped celebrate the opening of Promenade Park August 9-11 in Fort Wayne. A good time was had by all!Read more

Progress Report on "The Nest"

Our new nest has windows, doors, walls, utilities, and - oh yes! - a raptor weather vane! Moving day is getting closer! Stay tuned!Read more

Screeches Have a New Home!

On Tuesday, July 16, two of our non-releasable Screech Owls started life in their new permanent home at the St. Louis Zoo. Soarin' Hawk volunteers Jillian and Jeanette met Anne and Sydney, two St. Louis Zoo keepers, half way, at a lovely rest area. The little owls were on their best behavior. Jillian and Jeanette had some time to spend with the screeches at the rest area to say their good-byes, then were on their way back home. Many thanks to all of the volunteers who treated, trained, and watched over these two beautiful souls. We all wish they were able to be in the wild on their own, but...Read more

Summit Middle School 6th grade embraces nature

Each teaching team at Summit is encouraged to have a charity to support during the year. We decided after the first presentation four years ago that Soarin’ Hawk would be ours. The kids have embraced it every year. The funds were raised during a Penny War held between our Advisory (homeroom) classes. Scott Shoup , 6 th Grade Team Leader, Student Council Sponsor, Geography Bee Sponsor , Summit Middle SchoolRead more

AEP Foundation Grant Allows New Soarin’ Hawk Raptor Center to Take Flight

AEP Foundation Grant Allows New Soarin’ Hawk Raptor Center to Take Flight Feb. 26, 2019 FORT WAYNE, Ind. – Indiana Michigan Power (I&M) on Tuesday presented a $100,000 check on behalf of the AEP Foundation empowering Soarin’ Hawk Raptor Rehabilitation Center to begin construction on our new operations facility. The donation equals approximately one-third of the cost of building the new facility at 17688 Lima Road. “This generous contribution from the AEP Foundation is the final piece of the financing puzzle that will allow us to begin building our long-awaited new ‘nest’ that will provide...Read more

Soarin Hawk Newsletter resumes !!!

Thanks to a lot of hard work by volunteer Lynne O we have resumed publishing a monthly newsletter. Watch for your copy on Monday. If you would like to sign-up for the newsletter, click on subscribe now Soarin' Hawk's Newsletter is Sponsored Proudly by Bob Rohrman Subaru of Fort Wayne.Read more

SHRR - Going Green!

FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WFFT)- Owls, while being beautiful creatures, are also vital to the ecosystem. On Going Green, FOX 55's Abby Jackson tells you why many raptors end up here at SHRR and how you can help them! Click the links below to find out more and to watch a couple great videos! more

Bald Eagle To Be Released Thursday - WFFT

The mature eagle had to undergo surgery to have a pin placed, and went through physical therapy. Now, he's flying very well according to the vet at Soarin Hawk, and is ready to return home. Click here to view full article and supplementary video!Read more

Wayne - Rehabbed Bald Eagle Released at Eagle Marsh

After three months of rehabilitation with Soarin' Hawk Raptor Rehab, a bald eagle has been released back into the wild. On Thursday, the raptor was set free by volunteers at Eagle Marsh. When Soarin' Hawk first found the bird, it wasn't able to fly. Click here to read more!Read more

Soarin Hawk moving to “Forever Home” in 2019

After several years of searching for just the right place for Soarin’ Hawk’s “Forever Home” we have purchased a site near Huntertown that fits our needs and our budget. Education Raptor Habitats - Our resident raptors are getting newly designed “Raptor Condos”. Each unit has four apartments, which are designed to maximize natural light and fresh air, and will be built using low maintenance materials. Each of the 20 raptor apartments costs nearly $1,000 in materials. Raptor Recovery Habitats – The raptors temporarily in our care are getting newly designed housing. The materials for the...Read more

American Bald Eagle excites at Earth Day Fort Wayne -- Wayne15

FORT WAYNE - The Summit City celebrated nature Sunday by teaching families about how to help the planet. The 6th annual Earth Day Fort Wayne was held at the Eagle Marsh Nature Preserve. Little River Wetlands Project's annual celebration offers activities, presentations and learning stations all focused on protecting our natural environment. One of the fan favorites was Jefferson the American Bald Eagle, who is a big fan of eating fish. Soarin' Hawk has had him for six years. He got electrocuted when he was younger learning to how to fly, landed on a power line and now has arthritis in his...Read more

Snowy Owl Far From Home - JG

Wait – what was a snowy owl, native to the arctic, doing in northeast Indiana anyway? Well, that's what one bird conservation group calls “one of the big birding stories of the winter of 2017-2018,” and a question bird enthusiasts are still pondering. The owl was part of what scientists call an irruption – a sudden large influx of birds into an area where they're not usually seen. For the full Journal Gazette article on our Snowy Owl Release, click here ! To read our article on Snowy Owl Irruptions, click here !Read more

Snowy Owl Irruptions

Snowy owls come south in unpredictable invasions known as ‘irruptions.’ It’s mostly about food and babies, but we have a lot to learn about this phenomenon. Snowy owl migration is complex; some birds migrate south predictably and regularly, while others remain on the breeding grounds or actually move north, onto the Arctic sea ice, hunting in perpetual winter darkness. But every once in a while, for reasons that are not fully understood, snowy owls come flooding down from the north in a phenomenon known as an irruption. Smaller irruptions happen, on average, every four or five years, but once...Read more

Baby Season, and How You Can Help Us!

Baby season is almost upon us! We need your help! This is the picture of a baby Great-Horned Owl. Every spring we take in many, many orphans. In this case, it was due to a storm with strong winds that blew the nest out of the tree. We try, if possible, to "re-nest" the orphans if the nest is intact and the parents are still there to care for the young. But, each year we find that, in many cases, this is not possible and we raise the orphans at Soarin' Hawk. While they are admittedly adorable, they also require a lot of work and time. The very young are not able to regulate their own body...Read more

Rescued Bald Eagle Undergoes Surgery

Dr. Patricia Funnell unlocks a brown plywood transport box to reveal some precious cargo – a nearly fully grown bald eagle. The eagle is quietly sitting up and seems very alert – despite having one wing folded to its body and secured with blue masking tape. Funnell, a Fort Wayne veterinarian, gently lifts the 10-pound bundle of feathers onto a stainless steel surgical table. In a minute or two, the eagle will have a clear plastic mask strapped over its head and characteristic yellow beak – and then soar off into whatever dreamland giant birds of prey go when they get anesthesia. The eagle,...Read more