Peanut II

Red Phase Eastern Screech Owl
, Megascops asio
Location of Rescue: 
Wells County
Admission Date: 
Cause of Admission: 
Blind in one eye

Eastern Screech Owls are unique among raptors in that they come in two different colors, or phases as they are called.  Peanut is a red phase.  One of our other Eastern Screech Owls, Houdini, is a grey phase.  

In 2010, the Wells County Humane Shelter took Peanut in from a concerned citizen.  We could not begin to help as many birds as we do without the help of the people who actually find the bird and organizations such as the Wells County Humane Shelter to house the birds until we can pick them up.

As with all of our education birds, Peanut is non-releasable.  A raptor must be in perfect condition to survive in the wild:  perfect eyesight, perfect feet and talons, and perfect flight capabilities so they can find and catch their live prey.  Peanut came to us with an eye injury.  Being blind in one eye leaves him without good depth perception, which would make it difficult if not impossible to catch enough live prey to survive.

Peanut is very calm during education programs.  His bright red color makes him very popular!  He loves to spend his days sleeping inside his nest box and his nights flying around his pen. 

  • Received from Wells County Humane Shelter
  • Unknown cause of trauma
  • Injury- non repairable fracture left wing tip which required amputation
  • Added to ed permit 2010; age unknown

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